I Tried the OG Custom Skincare Brand the Internet Can't Get Enough Of

I'm a big believer in routine. I've generally been using the same five skincare products for the past few months, only changing them out when I notice something my skin needs (i.e., extra hydration, combating dark spots). As much as I love sticking to products that have worked for my skin in the past, I know that every now and then, a girl needs a switch-up. I've seen Function of Beauty products online since I can remember. The aesthetically pleasing products are often placed right where you can see them in front of the camera; maybe positioned just behind the subject of the picture or video. The brand's minimalist design, color choices, and individualized production are great, but it's what's in these lovely little bottles that matter.

To place an order for customized products on Function Beauty's colorful website, you must first complete a short quiz answering questions pertaining to your skincare routine, makeup use, health practices, and overall likes and dislikes. I loved how speedy and easy the skincare quiz was, as well as the results that seemed perfectly curated to my wants and needs: a formula that brightens, smooths, and evens the tone of my skin. I experienced the same great feeling after completing the quiz for its bodycare products. 

Keep reading to discover my final thoughts after experiencing five unique products from this custom beauty brand.


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The Best Function of Beauty Products

The skincare quiz determined that my skin would respond best to the brand's micellar gel cleanser for soft, clean, and supple skin. The product uses betaine, panthenol, and allantoin as its base ingredients to keep the skin looking bright and healthy while also soothing and conditioning it. 

My first impression of this cleanser (as well as the other skincare products) was how fresh and clean it smelled. The cleanser is available in both a fragrance-free and a fragranced formula, the latter of which is a blend of refreshing cucumber, citrus, and natural waters. I began my skincare routine as I usually do, by washing my face with a few splashes of warm water and then patting dry before using the cleanser.

I was surprised by the formula's texture: it was smooth and water-based, gliding effortlessly across my skin. After a few seconds of using it, I began to notice a tingling sensation. Usually, I favor cleansers that tend to be more soothing to the skin, so I did feel somewhat wary as I continued to lather it. In the end, my skin did feel extremely refreshed and appeared bright and clean.

After spraying my face with my favorite balancing mist, I moved on to Function of Beauty's serum. Other than the serum beyond aesthetically pleasing to the eye, it's also great as a product. During the winter, I notice that my skin leans a little more on the dry and bothered side. This serum is a must-have for anyone struggling with keeping their skin hydrated and healthy year-round.

Like the cleanser, the ingredients for the serum include betaine, panthenol, and allantoin, for the deep-skin nourishment my skin craves when the colder months hit. I know I'll be reaching for this product when my skin needs that extra bit of help through the addition of extra moisture.

I used the serum just as recommended: morning and night by applying a half-to-full dropper onto my hands and then gently pressing it onto my skin. I made sure to seal all the goodness in with the brand's Custom Facial Moisturizer

I was more than ready to see what Function of Beauty had to offer when it came to moisturizers since this happens to be my favorite step of any skincare routine. Suitable for sensitive skin (including mine), each unique moisturizer is constructed from three core ingredients: tsubaki oil, squalane, and Vitamin E for vibrant, hydrated skin that will last all day. 

Following my custom serum, I added a dab of moisturizer to my hand and then evenly applied it to the face; making sure to focus on my problem areas (my chin, my temples, and the nose bridge) where my skin tends to get dry and rough. When using the moisturizer as part of your morning routine, it's recommended that you follow it with your SPF routine. 

I liked how bright and hydrated my skin looked after using this moisturizer. The product wasn't sticky, didn't have a strong fragrance that fought with the rest of the products I used, and kept my skin feeling and looking healthy for the three days I tested the product. Believe me, I'll be coming back for this one.

Since I was absolutely loving the brand's line of customized skincare products, I decided to take a chance and try Function of Beauty's body care line consisting of a personalized body wash and lotion set. Just like for the skincare products, customers are prompted to take a quick quiz to determine their individual skincare needs and concerns except this time, they offered the products in a selection of 10 fragrances.

Here again was an opportunity for me to break out of my routine (I'm always drawn towards light, powdery florals and refreshing eucalyptus as my fragrance of choice). I decided to go with its best-selling Nude (P)each fragrance since I do enjoy a yummy peach parfait every now and then. I'm pleased to announce that's exactly what the body wash and lotion ended up smelling like! 

Now for the details. I love how there's a choice to include pumps with your order after completing the quiz and how minimalistic and pretty the products are. As a fan of neutrals, I decided to stick with my gut and go for the tan/orange color. My one gripe with the body lotion is that it didn't immediately melt into my skin like I thought it would. I used it after shaving in hopes of some extra hydration, but it took some effort to get it into the skin.

Final Thoughts

This is a brand I'll continue using. By trying Function of Beauty, I not only challenged myself to switch up my everyday products but also discovered where they weren't doing such a great job. Function of Beauty, however, covered all my bases: my skin feels ridiculously hydrated and looks bright and even. I'm also excited to shop Function of Beauty at Target since they have so many options for haircare that targets (no pun intended) specific needs of hair types.

Ranging from straight to kinky, I truly believe there's a product by Function of Beauty that has to work for you. After all, the brand was developed by a superstar trio that includes two MIT engineers and an experienced industry chemist.

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