These 5 Outfit Ideas Feel Fresh, and I Can't Wait to Try Them


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Let's face it. Even the most stylish of us can sometimes use a little extra inspiration when it comes to putting together a chic and cool outfit. As an editor, I pride myself on my outfit-building skills. Not to toot my own horn, but knowing how to put together a look that is 10 out of 10 sort of comes with the job. But lately, I have been feeling a little bored with my styling. I'm always shopping for great new pieces, especially with so many fun things on my calendar coming up, but sometimes, I look over at the pile of new arrivals in my apartment and feel uninspired. While I love everything I've been ordering, the key is putting it all together in the most elevated and fashionable way. I've found five looks that really stand out to me. All five outfit ideas look chic and cool at the same time while being super easy to put together, which are two things I always look for in a great look.

Keep scrolling to see the five outfit ideas that I'll be copying ASAP.

Tall Boots + Miniskirt + Lots of Layers


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It's safe to say that layering season has officially arrived. This outfit is so simple yet cool. Chase adding a pop of red and pairing the simple outfit with some not-so-simple patterned knee-high boots is absolute perfection. I'll be wearing this look all weekend.

Bolero + Miniskirt + High Socks + Ballet Flats


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There's something about this balletcore-inspired look that feels so trendy yet cool at the same time. The little bolero paired with a miniskirt and ballet flats is just so dainty and very "ballet dancer off duty." I love it.

Denim Maxi Skirt + Fitted Tee + Jacket


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This look is definitely for those who love a subtle statement look. While a denim skirt is a classic item almost everyone has, wearing one with a maxi or midi hemline takes this classic to a cooler level. I love the way Emili styled this look—keep an eye out on my Instagram for my version.

Button-Down + Logo Sweater + Tall Boots


(Image credit: @emmaleger)

Lately, I have been loving logo cardigans. I especially love how Emma styled this Miu Miu cardigan with tall boots and a button-down shirt, giving the look a prep-school feel. The bold-colored Miu Miu sweater listed below has a special place in my heart.

Statement Maxi Dress + Architectural Bag


(Image credit: @thatgirlyusra)

I have seen so many fashion people fall in love with this particular Réalisation dress, and I get why. It's stunning. A printed maxi dress like this commands attention when you walk into a room, so if you're afraid to stand out, this dress may not be for you.

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