What French Women Never Wear on Their Wedding Day

You might have noticed that we're not shy about our love for all things French style here at Who What Wear. We're dying to know where Parisian girls shop, what style rules they live by, and more. So when we found out that Vogue.com interviewed French wedding dress designers about local women's bridal preferences, we were all ears.

Armed with their first-hand knowledge, the designers offered insight into how French women choose their wedding dresses. For starters, there's one thing they avoid: anything too played out or cookie-cutter. "French brides love the idea of being unique and a bit offbeat," wedding dress designer Laure de Sagazan told Vogue.com. "It’s rare that a bride comes to see me saying that she wants the same dress as this celebrity or a dress she saw in a magazine. They search for singularity."

As for popular silhouettes, de Sagazan says that French women go for streamlined looks. "Parisian brides generally ask for easy, slip-style silhouettes and a relaxed skirt with an A-line waist and short train...They think a lot about their wedding dress but the secret is that nobody can see it. Most of the time when you look at a French bride it looks like she picked her dress last-minute.” Curious to learn more about French designers' insights? Head over to Vogue.com to read the full article. 

Searching for a French wedding dress of your own? Scroll down to shop gowns from Paris-based designer Rime Arodaky!

This lace detail on the back of the gown is truly extraordinary. 

Rime Arodaky Basset Cotton-Lace Top ($1710) and Pennington Lace-Paneled Crepe Maxi Skirt ($3730). 

This stunning look actually consists of a lace tank and skirt—talk about unique! 

Emulate Kate Middleton and opt for a long-sleeve wedding dress. 

What's your favorite insight you learned from Vogue's article? Tell us in the comments below!

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