French Girls Always Wear Denim Like This

We could wax on and on about French-girl style—the way our Parisian counterparts have mastered the art of looking très cool without ever looking overdone, from their accessories to their windswept hair. But what really gets us is the way the city’s style icons (from Jane Birkin and Françoise Hardy on up to the It girls of today) can take a simple pair of jeans and style them into an unthinkably chic look.

Does anyone do rock ’n’ roll-inspired denim better? Non. And in the interest of capturing some of that coveted je ne sais quoi for our own blue jeans, we enlisted the expertise of Kelley Ash, a stylist who splits her time between Paris and L.A. and was more than willing to fill us in on what she’s observed during her time in the City of Lights. Her key takeaway when it comes to styling jeans the Parisian way? French girls “dress very classic and don’t follow trends. They ooze a certain type of confidence and can make any style look good,” she notes, so it’s best to start with a simple base and go from there.

Ready to instill a bit of that laissez-faire attitude into your own wardrobe? Keep reading to see how Ash styled AG the French-girl way for spring.

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