We Set Parisian Bridal Trends—These Are the Wedding Looks French Girls Love

If you don't dream of living like a Parisian, perhaps at some point, you've at least attempted to dress like one. That effortless way of dressing that French women so perfectly emulate goes way beyond their daily attire; it seeps into how they approach bridalwear as well. In case you've been sleeping on all the French-girl content we publish here on Who What Wear, we love any opportunity to do a deeper dive into the Parisian way of dressing, so when we got the chance to chat with mother-daughter duo Gail and Lauren Crispin of the Parisian boutique The Mews Bridal, we jumped at it. 

The Mews Bridal is dedicated to servicing brides who want to channel that iconic and chic Parisian wedding look. This is made possible via the top Paris-based designers and styles that Lauren has dedicated years to curating, including names such as Rime Arodaky, Laure de Sagazan, Delphine Manivet, and more. And don't worry—you don't have to fly all the way to Paris to experience this boutique because they also have a location in New York that they consider a little slice of Paris in the city. 

We asked the duo all about the Parisian bridal trends their customers are drawn to, and lucky for us, they spilled all of their insider knowledge. From the actual dress to all the trimmings, read up on the Parisian bridal trends the founders of The Mews Bridal are deeming the most important. 

Complete Effortlessness

"A Parisian bride would never, ever wear diamantés on a wedding dress—they let the fabrics shine instead. French women are very sophisticated in their choice but not necessarily in their appearance. They think a lot about their wedding dress, but the secret is that nobody can tell. Most of the time, when you look at a French bride, it looks like she picked her dress last-minute."

Uncomplicated Hair

"Now that you know how to perfect the ultimate French ensemble, you must top it off with the ultimate Parisian hairstyle, which is to look chic yet nonchalant with the perfect I woke up like this flair." 

Less-Is-More Silhouettes

"Parisian brides generally ask for easy, slip-style silhouettes and a relaxed skirt with an A-line waist and short train. The main thing that they all seek is simplicity. 'Less is more' is always a French girl's style mantra, and it also applies on their wedding day."  

Minimal Accessories

"Keep accessories to a minimum and don't overload your ensemble with too many pieces—the simpler, the better. Part of the appeal of French style is that it looks so effortless. Rime Arodaky does this so well in her own way! For example, her Collins gown is elegant in its simplicity but still has a modern edge to stay true to her signature style." 

Anything Untraditional

"French women are very independent when it comes to fashion. They care very little about what others think of their style. If we've learned one thing from Parisian style, it is this: Great style is about dressing for yourself and yourself only! So don't feel the pressure to conform to the standard, traditional bridal gown. If you want to wear a short dress, go for it. Don't want to wear a dress at all? Rock a bridal jumpsuit! (We like this one. It’s très chic!)" 

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