We Chose 9 Viral TikTok Aesthetics and Selected the Ultimate Fragrance for Each

Every day, it feels as if a new aesthetic is making its rounds on TikTok. As a major social media platform, there's no doubt as to why these circulate, with the participation of countless fashion fans and beauty savants joining in. It should also be noted how because of their sudden rise in popularity, more often than not, there may be certain images and products begin to associate with them. Whether it's the frilly ribbons of "balletcore," the sky-high sparkly heels of "night luxe," or the matching workout sets of the "clean girl," we tend to create connections between our senses without even realizing it.

With that, Who What Wear's beauty team has taken on the daunting task of assigning TikTok's numerous fashion and lifestyle aesthetics with fragrances we associate with them. Sounds interesting? Keep reading to find out which fragrances come to mind whenever we come across TikTok's most famous viral aesthetics.

Maya Thomas, Assistant Beauty Editor



Old Money

Key Notes: Bergamot, pear and gardenia

What better way to embrace the old-money aesthetic than by incorporating a luxurious perfume into your fragrance rotation? Inspired by the timeless charm of Paris, this eau de parfum offers classic florals, juicy pear, and delicate gardenia with bright bergamot as its finishing touch.

Key Notes: Lavender, orange blossom, musk accord

Another fragrance I associate with TikTok's viral old-money aesthetic is Yves Saint Laurent's Libre Eau de Parfum. If the ultra-glam, gold-gilded bottle this perfume arrives in isn't enough, then let yourself fall in love with its sensual blend of soft florals and juicy citrus against a note of musk accord.

Key Notes: Ylang-ylang, damascus rose, jasmine

If class and elegance had an iconic fragrance, it would be that of Dior's J'Adore Eau de Parfum. This fragrance smells like slow summers spent in Martha's Vineyard, winter spent flying down the slopes of Aspen, and endless extravagant dinner parties. 


Key Notes: Dark berries, jasmine, musk amber

What I love the most about this fragrance is the unique olfactory experience it provides for its wearer. Its notes included a gorgeous blend of dark, juicy berries, soft jasmine, and warm musks; making me want to escape to the nearest remote cottage and take up a skill like pressing flowers or trying my hand at watercolors.

Key Notes: King William pear, freesia, patchouli

I had to include my go-to everyday fragrance in this roundup because 1) it makes me feel put together no matter what I decide to wear on any given day and 2) it's another scent that evokes memories of late summer afternoons spent in the garden. Fresh and warm, this classic Jo Malone fragrance is exactly what I think of when I see the word "cottagecore" flash across my screen.

Key Notes: Pear, white gardenia, brown sugar

Whenever I spray this fragrance, I'm instantly transported to a place that embraces the naturally slower-paced and genuine sides of life. It's bright, lively, and raises playful notes of white gardenia in a bouquet of soft florals and transparent woods.


Key Notes: Skin musk, bergamot nectar, blonde wood

While I normally embrace a good challenge, breaking down the notes of Phlur's Missing Person Eau de Parfum poses quite the test. Its fragrance provokes a feeling of familiarity contrasted by something a little dark and earthy. At the heart of this scent is bergamot nectar which adds just the right amount of sweetness to an otherwise warm and sheer fragrance.

Key Notes: Coffee accord, lavender, milk mousse accord

If you've ever wanted to experience the unparalleled coziness of a coffee shop without having to pull on your shoes and venture out of your space, you're in luck. I can only describe this fragrance as smelling like a rainy afternoon spent at a coffee shop in a bottle. It's warm, familiar, and has a hint of milkiness to it that's beyond comforting.

Key Notes: Dark cherry flavor, osmanthus absolute, cyproil

Whenever I think of the "downtown girl" aesthetic, I'm reminded of Lana Del Rey songs that reference cherries and the city throughout their chorus. That's exactly how I would detail the uniqueness of this eau de parfum. It's a delightfully smoky version of the brand's best-selling Lost Cherry fragrance.

Kaitlyn McLintock, Associate Beauty Editor


Key Notes: Champagne, bergamot, rose

"This scent reminds me of the ballet core aesthetic because it's both sweet and sophisticated, thanks to notes of bergamot, lychee, cedarwood, and white musk. Plus, the petal-pink liquid in the bottle mimics the color of the traditional leotard and skirt combo we so often associate with ballet."

Key Notes: Orange, patchouli, Turkish rose

"This is another sweet, subtle, and sophisticated fragrance (and yes, those are the same three words I'd use to describe the ballet core aesthetic). Notes of orange, patchouli, and Turkish rose give it a warm and elegant effect. It's something worthy of a Degas painting."

Light Academia

Key Notes: Sandalwood, amber, musk

"When I think of the so-called 'light academia' aesthetic, I instantly think of this fragrance. It has a sophisticated yet fresh scent, but there's something old and nostalgic in there too. I'm guessing it's the combination of sandalwood, amber, and musk."


Key Notes: Dark rum, vegan honey, vanilla bean

"With notes of honey, vanilla, and dark rum, this fragrance makes me feel warm and joyful, which is also the feeling the cottage-core aesthetic elicits. It's the perfect combination of light, fresh, and cozy, and honestly, it kind of reminds me of Miss Honey's cottage in Matilda (aka my dream home)."

Emma Hughes, Associate Branded Beauty Editor




Key Notes: Pink pepper, iris, abrox

"The (now iconic) pink and red Glossier You perfume seems like something every ballerina should have floating around their dance bag. Glossier designed this eau de parfum to smell differently on everyone. To me, it’s clean, fresh, and slightly sweet—exactly what I picture when I think of balletcore."

Key Notes: Black amber plum, vanilla woods, jasmine blooms

"Not only does this fragrance mist fit the pink aesthetic, [but it’s also] a practical option for the girlies who are actively participating in balletcore (i.e., strapping on their ballet shoes and attending a barre class). Fragrance mists are so light and refreshing, which makes them easy to sweat in as opposed to a heavier, more concentrated perfume."

Key Notes: Damascus rose, peony, white musk

"When choosing a perfume bottle that fits the balletcore aesthetic, you really can’t do better than Miss Dior. This has been a mainstay in my fragrance collection, and I’ll pull it out on summer days when I want to smell like a bouquet of fresh flowers. Plus, it looks so stinking cute on my vanity."

Light Academia

Key Notes: Ambrette seeds, jasmine petals, musk

"This cult-favorite eau de parfum definitely deserves a spot on this list, especially since it was inspired by literary myths. It’s light enough to wear every day, but the notes of musk, cedarwood, and jasmine still make it complex and interesting."

Key Notes: Coffee accord, lavender, milk mousse accord

"What's more synonymous with academia than coffee? This fragrance reminds me of late-night study sessions in the library accompanied by a strong cup of coffee and some instrumental jazz. Plus, the bottle would look amazing on top of a couple of distressed vintage books (just saying!)."

Key Notes: Peach, patchouli, vanilla

"This feels like the obvious choice when selecting a fragrance that goes with the light academia aesthetic, but I can't help but include it. Byredo literally formulated this coveted fragrance to evoke the warm, familiar scent of old, leather-bound books. I promise it won't make you smell like your public library."


Key Notes: Bitter orange, white freesia, sheer musk

"Nothing reminds me of the coquette aesthetic more than Tocca's antique crystal-inspired perfume bottle. I have to admit that I've never owned this fragrance, but I spray it on myself whenever I get the chance. With notes of freesia and spicy lily, it's fresh and floral without smelling too floral, if you know what I mean."

Key Notes: Wild berries, honeysuckle, amber

"This is one of the only fragrances I've ever worn that has made people chase me down to find out what it is. While I tend to associate this scent with a slightly younger crowd (maybe because it was my go-to in high school), the sweet gourmand notes of vanilla and praline mixed with florals and berries make Viva La Juicy a forever favorite."

Key Notes: Pink peony, magnolia, honey

"I've always loved this perfume bottle—the pleated glass and hand-tied (!) ribbon gives off an adorable vintage feel. Some of my friends say that they've moved on from Chloé (perhaps because they've worn it in the past or don't love the soft, powdery scent), but I'll always have a soft spot (and place on my vanity) for this iconic fragrance."


Key Notes: Lemon leaves, jasmine tea, meadow greens

"I don't know about you, but if I wear perfume while camping or at the cottage, I want to smell like something I might actually come across in nature. That's why this clean fragrance from Skylar is a no-brainer—it evokes the fresh, outdoorsy scent of meadow greens, with citrusy lemon leaves and warm cedar."

Key Notes: Sandalwood, amber, musk

"Is it just me, or does this perfume look like it belongs in a cottage? A total opposite to the Jo Malone Wood Sage and Sea Salt, this fragrance smells warm, spicy, and woody, thanks to the sandalwood and amber notes. Perfect for cozying up by the fire."

Key Notes: Ambrette seeds, sea salt, sage

"This is my everyday fragrance—how could I not include it? To me, it smells like a fresh breeze wafting through a forest, garden, and the sea all at once (a tall order, if you ask me). It's so light and comforting that you wouldn't think twice about spritzing it on even if you're spending the day out in nature."

Night Luxe

Key Notes: Vanilla orchids, tonka absolute, amber woods

"While the bottle may not be as reflective of the night luxe aesthetic (i.e., dark, mysterious, and sultry), I would definitely choose this fragrance for a night out.  Warm and sweet gourmand scents (especially vanilla and amber notes) make me feel confident, and this one, in particular, wears beautifully as the night progresses."

Key Notes: Lavender, orange blossom, musk accord

"This is my best friend's favorite perfume to wear for a night out, and I'll always associate it with a good time. The bottle alone feels elevated and mature (it was designed to evoke a sexy couture dress), and the scent is sweet, warm, and slightly musky with lots of staying power."

Key Notes: Black orchid, black truffle, patchouli

"Since I typically go for fresh, light, and beachy scents, anyone who knows me would be shocked to find out that I secretly love this perfume. As one Sephora reviewer said, it's definitely a mature scent, and a little bit goes a long way (aka use it sparingly!). For me, this bold and peppery fragrance embodies a luxurious and romantic date night."

Katie Berohn, Beauty Editor




Key Notes: Lily of the valley, peony, centifolia rose

"Not only is Miss Dior pink, but it also has a couture bow on it, which feels like it defines the hyper-feminine cornerstones of the Coquette aesthetic. I have a feeling this aesthetic would also smell like a bouquet of flowers, which the notes of lily of the valley and centifolia rose help achieve."

Light Academia

Key Notes: Rose petals, Virginian cedarwood, Haitian vetiver 

"This perfume is 'reminiscent of pencil shavings,' and I can't think of a better description. Whenever I smell this scent, it reminds me of the first day of school: hopeful and clean."

Dark Academia

Key Notes: Palo santo wood accord, ebony wood accord, rose

"On the flip side, a perfume like this one helps you tap into your dark academia side. It's gothic, mysterious, and makes me feel like I'm living on the fictional campus where The Secret History is set."

Night Luxe

Key Notes: Leather, tonka bean, sage

"I mean, the name says it all. This fragrance is leather in its headiest, spiciest, most decadent form, and it's like spending a night at a jazz club."