7 Online Fashion Stores That NEED to Ship to the U.S.

We're very fortunate to have tons of online sites to choose from here in the U.S. From endless fast-fashion brands to high-end luxury sites, we’ve got close to it all—except the seven pretty awesome sites we’re highlighting today that do not ship to the Sates. Although browsing through each site is a major tease, the products are too good not to check out and lust over. Want proof? We’re sharing the top two pieces we’d buy (if we had the ability, that is) from each online store.

Scroll down to see the foreign fashion sites we’re dying to try! 

Based in Spain

Shop our picks below! 

Zign Rucksack Backpack (£55)

Consider this our unofficial petition to bring these seven brands stateside. If you agree or have a site you’d add to the list, leave a comment below! 

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