5 Items to Avoid Wearing to Coachella This Year


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Every fashion girl knows that Coachella is where celebrities, bloggers, and every girl in your friend group pull out all the stops when it comes to festival fashion. However, over the years, certain festival trends have been worn to death (i.e., the flower crown), and as the stylish leader that we know you are, it's time for you to read up on exactly which trends are a no-go for Coachella this year, in addition to the handful of other festivals you might be attending in 2017.

While we definitely have a few opinions on the matter ourselves, we decided to reach out to the senior style editor at Net-a-Porter, Tracy Taylor, for her opinion. Her list contains items we had a feeling might be on their way out, but we had no idea just how forward this fashion insider predicts Coachella 2017 will be.

Below, read up on the 2017 festival trends Tracy thinks you should ditch this year, plus the items she thinks you should wear instead.


"This year's Coachella looks will no longer be bohemian looks from head to toe," Taylor says. "A vintage or bohemian element can still be great when mixed in with other styles. Try not to wear styles and trends only resonating from one decade."


"We're excited to see people pairing boho pieces with structured pieces. Finish any flowy dress or boho look with a sneaker or biker boots instead of sandals to give a city beat," Taylor says. "Your look should encompass multiple decades and styles. Keep in mind that '90s is the new '70s, and when it comes to Coachella, we will be seeing many athletic-inspired tops, track pants, cropped tops, baseball hats replacing cowboy hats, and high-waisted denim shorts replacing baggy hip-slung styles."

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Fashion girls are going crazy for this retro shape.

Off-the-shoulder tops are still more than welcome at this year's Coachella.

Because your vintage jeans weren't as comfortable as these anyway.

This was basically made to be carried around at a festival.

The texture of these sneakers is to die for.

We can totally see Sofia Richie rocking these pants.