25 Father's Day Gifts That'll Make You the Favorite Child

Arguably, shopping for your dad or a father figure has to be harder than shopping for mom, right? What does he even want? We can only gift so many ties and gadgets, so this year, we need to get creative. Some of us have more than one person we need to shop for (we can't forget the husbands and grandfathers), and after asking them over and over what they want (we have receipts to prove it), it's time we just go for it.

Per usual, we hit up Macy's for the best range of products that we know they'll love. Comfy robe? Check. An outdoor pizza oven? We found that, too. If you're shopping for the father figure in your life, start right here with our curated list of must-haves that he's probably already thinking about—even if he won't tell you.

His running shoes from 2012 don't stand a chance against this fresh pair. 

He may have a baseball hat in his closet, but he sure doesn't have this trendy yellow style. 

The great Coach comeback of 2023 isn't just for fashion people. 

A new travel backpack for the summer ahead is a must. 

We're here for the funky purple lenses.

We're majorly into the worn-in feel of this leather wallet. 

A tried and true Father's Day gift that will always be appreciated. 

This would look so chic on his bathroom countertop. 

These sunglasses scream, "I'm not a regular dad. I'm a cool dad."

These cargo pants will make his wardrobe very on-trend for 2023. 

Tell him Canadian tuxedos are back, and gift him this jacket. 

While you're at it, buy the matching shorts, too. 

I adore this pop of green, and I know the father figure in your life will, too. 

A staple he might as well stock up on. 

This gift practically requires a little taste test first. 

Everyone wants the gift of a robe. It's just a fact. 

He can be a grill master everywhere now. 

Wrap this with the fire pit above, and you'll definitely win Favorite Child. 

This will capture the memories of the day and beyond. 

He'll get so much use out of these classic sneakers. 

Get him this if you can't see him in one more ratty sports sweatshirt.