People Are Freaking Mad About These New Trends, But Fashion People Love Them

a woman in a furry jacket

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Even for the conflict averse, there's no getting around the fact that someone out there is bound to dislike your outfit. What's considered a controversial fashion trend to one person is simply an everyday outfit to someone else. At the moment, there are plenty of styles that trendsetters are leaning into right now that have some people heated. Take capris as an example. These simple cropped pants are rehashing aughts fashion trauma for some millennials, but a new generation of stylish people are finding ways to embrace them again and make them feel fresh.

Look, fashion doesn't have to be so serious. In fact, part of what makes it so much fun is that it's all about creative expression, showing off what you enjoy wearing and how you want to present yourself to the world. Don't be afraid to defy any of the naysayers and have some fun testing out whatever controversial trends your heart desires.   

Sweaters as Scarves

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At New York Fashion Week, there was a lot of buzz about people wearing sweaters tied around their shoulders in place of a scarf. It's a simple swap that may leave some puzzled but adds a chic touch to winter looks.


a woman in capris

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Those who lived through the aughts have bemoaned on social media the return of capri pants, but that hasn't stopped a younger generation of trendsetters from embracing these cropped pants.

Furry Coats

a woman in a furry jacket and jeans

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The mob wife aesthetic has been trending on TikTok for months now, but offline, the furry coats at the center of the look are popular too. They're voluminous and lush, a bold statement to style with jeans or a fancy ensemble. The best option is to go vintage, but these faux styles below are also lovely.


a woman with a bow in her hair

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Take a look at Prada's F/W 24 runway, and you'll see proof: The bow trend isn't going anywhere. Delicate hair accessories or bow-adorned clothes both fit the bill.

Ballet Sleeves

a woman in a white dress

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As part of the larger balletcore trend, boleros or pull-on sleeves have become a cool way to accessorize a simple tank while offering a little extra arm coverage. For summer, try layering a bolero with a colorful dress.

Bermuda Shorts

a woman in shorts and a jacket

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Big shorts, big style. The fashion world is often drawn to extremes, and relaxed, baggy shorts are an of-the-moment pick. If you're unsure about the trend, try styling it with more fitted pieces to balance out the look.

Aemilia Madden