Prediction: These Pants From J.Crew Will Go Viral—My Honest Review

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For me, J.Crew has always been synonymous with occasion dressing. It was a destination where I would pick out a dress for a special occasion or a blazer for a job interview I was really banking on. However, I have friends who have an opposite experience with the brand and used it more as their home for wardrobe staples. A conversation over this dichotomy is what led me to discover an item one of my friends is obsessed with.

One of my best friends—who I met simply because we both loved fashion on a college campus where most people didn't know the contemporary brands we were gushing over—recently let me in on one of her favorite J.Crew staples. Rightfully dubbed the Essential Pants, they're a pair of classic trousers that fashion people wear on repeat endlessly. When she told me that she's already repurchased them in multiple colorways since they're her in-office staple, I had to try them for myself. Here's my honest review.

My Review

J.Crew Essential Pants worn by Sierra Mayhew.

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There are a lot of viral office pants on the market right now, but this pair definitely stood out to me immediately. It fit true to size, and at my height of 5'7", absolutely no alterations were needed. These pants are offered in multiple cuts, and I chose wide leg because that's my favorite silhouette. I love that they hit as a mid-rise style, and they were incredible flattering. I'll mainly be wearing them with longer tops, but it was fun to do a try-on in a ultra-cropped top. It's a pair I'd also like to repurchase in multiple colorways.

What I Wore

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