It's True: These New-In, Anti-Trend Items From M&S Have My Mum and I Hooked

When I tell people that my mum and I share a remarkably similar taste in fashion, they often seem surprised—they expect tales of clashes over my latest trend-driven purchases versus her more conservative choices. However, my style was largely shaped by her timeless wardrobe, and as a child, I loved rummaging through her collection, discovering vintage bags from decades past. These pieces (many of which predated me) taught me the importance of an anti-trend approach to fashion.

Whilst I've dipped my toes into a few fleeting trends, my mum's influence has always guided me back to the value of a timeless, versatile wardrobe, and one place both she and I consistently turn to for these enduring pieces is M&S. The British heritage brand has mastered the art of creating classic staples that transcend seasons and age, offering pieces that are both practical and chic.


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Take for instance the brand's linen collection for summer 2024. Linen button-downs are a warm-weather must-have—easy, effortlessly cool and breathable for hot days. They pair perfectly with M&S' straight-leg jeans, which are cut to perfection and can be easily dressed up or down. During the summer, I also style these jeans with a simple tee and sandals for a casual look, and for those cooler days, I just throw on a thin cardigan and I'm good to go.

My mum tends to opt for the classic dresses, which are perfect for garden parties and strolls in the sun, and with the addition of a tailored blazer and some pumps, they transition seamlessly into more formal eveningwear. It's this versatility that makes M&S a staple in both our wardrobes.


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These items aren't just fleeting fancies; they're the building blocks of a wardrobe that will last. Whether it's a pair of impeccably tailored linen trousers, the perfect white button-down or a timeless denim jacket, M&S consistently offers pieces that I reach for time and again. These are the pieces that prove you don’t need to chase every new trend to look stylish.

Below are the new-in, anti-trend summer pieces that both my mum and I have our eyes on.

Shop My Favourite Anti-Trend Pieces From M&S:

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