It's True: Every Fashion Person Buys Their Leggings and Workout Clothes From This Chic Brand

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(Image credit: Original Illustration by Yracema Rivas)

If you ask anyone in the Who What Wear UK office to name the hardest working items in their wardrobes, I guarantee a few athleisure pieces will make the list. Gone are the days when loungewear was solely reserved for lazy days and the airport; these days it's not just about feeling comfortable but also about looking stylish whilst being at ease. As such, these pieces are no longer confined to our bottom drawers but front and centre in our everyday rotations, being called upon for everything from Zoom calls to casual brunches.

As someone who adores a cosy lounge-day outfit, I often find myself in oversized sweatshirts, comfy joggers and plush socks. These pieces are my go-tos at home, but I've sometimes struggled with transitioning them into my daily outfits whilst still feeling elevated. As I typically lean towards classic, polished pieces, at times I find it a challenge to figure out how to step out in what I usually reserve for Netflix marathons. However, one brand has been enticing me out of my comfort zone lately and getting me to embrace athleisure and that's Adanola.

Who What Wear UK

(Image credit: Original Illustration by Yracema Rivas)

With its vintage-sportswear-inspired tees, hoodies and oversized sweaters, Adanola has quickly become the athleisure brand of choice for the likes of Hailey Bieber and other stylish women who want to emulate Princess Diana-esque gym looks from the 1980s. A little preppy and always on point, Adanola's motifs play on country club emblems and tennis team logos, making for a sportswear take on quiet luxury.

For me, what makes the brand stand out is its commitment to high-quality fabrics and timeless designs. Not only is the loungewear great, but the gym gear is a cut above when it comes to construction, cut and breathability—so whether you're at Pilates, spin or your Saturday run club, you're likely to see the chicest amongst you decked out in Adanola.

Influencers like Safya, Maya Jardon, Lulu Lindinger and Dea Recica have been showcasing the brand's latest pieces, styling them in ways that are not only cool but also practical (read: comfortable). The looks they've put together echo my own taste almost perfectly, pushing me towards more laid-back outfit choices and demonstrating that you really can wear athleisure outside the gym, park or studio; and with the right styling, even in the office. But don't just take my word for it—see how these style insiders wear Adanola below.


(Image credit: @blackmaroccan)

Style Notes: Safya's look features the Varsity Sweatshirt and Sweatpants in Midnight Blue for an upgraded version of our typical work-from-home ensemble. When paired with the ADA Short Sleeve Oversized T-shirt, sport socks and sneakers, this is the perfect comfortable yet cool on-the-go look, ideal for coffee runs, dog walks or running errands. You could easily switch the sweatpants for jeans and add some jewellery to make this a little more elevated for low-key plans with friends. I love how Safya made this take on a classic lounge set look so fashion-forward—I've already bookmarked all the pieces.


(Image credit: @maayajardon)

Style Notes: Maya Jardon's outfit highlights the Rib Button Up Romper and ADA Oversized Hoodie—two elevated everyday essentials. This look is all about that easy transition for those mornings when you go straight from a workout class to brunch with friends. The romper is a versatile piece, providing both simplicity and comfort, whilst the roomy hoodie adds a layer of nonchalance. I've seen many iterations of this look during my morning Pilates classes, but the unapologetic sportiness of the sweatshirt is what really caught my eye. Gone are the days when I was worried about looking like I just came out of a hard workout class, even if I did; this look proves that post-workout can be stylish.


(Image credit: @lululindinger)

Style Notes: Lulu Lindinger's outfit is perfect for office days—yes, really. Featuring the brand's iconic Adanola Sport Short Sleeve Oversized T-shirt, instead of feeling sporty, it shows how to approach athleisure styling in a more considered way by pairing the tee with the tailored Cotton Pull On Pants. Accessorised with some shades and sneakers, this is typical of Lulu's cool Copenhagen aesthetic. Elevate it further with a blazer or trench, or swap the trainers for loafers when you want to make an impression.


(Image credit: @dearecica)

Style Notes: In my opinion, Dea Recica's cute ensemble is the perfect errand-running outfit. Sure, you can exercise in this, but unlike your usual (and often a bit tatty) workout wear, I wouldn't mind running into my ex in the corner shop wearing this all-blue look. Dea's styling is always on point, and her commitment to this head-to-toe midnight blue hue creates a sleek, streamlined and cohesive look. Take note!

I always say I'm immune to being influenced, but influenced I've been. Adanola's blend of comfort, style and versatility has me adding many of these pieces to my wish list, and I can't wait to embrace more of a laid-back element in my classic wardrobe.

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