These 3 Trends Have Officially Bit the Dust


Edward Berthelot/Getty Image

January is in full swing, which means that the world is currently looking ahead to the next 12 months with a fresh outlook. And if you're a fashion girl, you're undoubtedly looking ahead with a fresh sartorial outlook. And since we're always all about the out with the old, in with the new mantra in January, we reached out to the experts at Edited on the subject of what people are and aren't buying.

The fashion retail analytics company gets its insights by monitoring over 700 million products in real time. Edited Head Analyst Emily Bezzant filled us in on three trends that have bit the dust along with what's replacing them in 2018, all of which we can't wait to wear. From the colors that will be everywhere to the pant style that's a must-have, get ready to add to your shopping list (and maybe clean a few trends out of your closet to make room for the new).