I Spot Micro-Trends Like It's My Job, and These 4 Are About to Blow Up

Fashion micro-trends May 2019



Welcome to Micro-Trends. In this series, I'm zeroing in on the hyper-specific iterations of what's trending at large, and I've become somewhat of an expert at spotting them. (Okay, it's basically a pastime of mine at this point.) Once you discover this month's micro-trends, consider yourself an insider.

You're probably aware to some degree of the biggest trends this season. (You're a Who What Wear reader, after all.) So here's where I give you the download on all the trends that aren't exactly trends yet but will be very soon. From the Instagram feeds of my favorite influencers to the new-arrivals section of the most forward brands and retailers, I've spotted four micro-trends that are emerging on the scene this May.

In the below roundup, expect to see a new jean trend that your mother 100% wore in the '80s, the color trend that will cancel plain neutrals, and a few other styles I've uncovered. These may be all in the details but will have a big impact in the trend-o-sphere in just a few months' time. Keep reading to discover and shop all the fashion micro-trends of the moment.

Pleated Denim

The '80s phoned. They need you to reconsider this denim trend for 2019. I know; I know. Pleated denim is scary. I myself used to be a hater, but I can't deny that the roomier jean styles I'm seeing lately with subtle pleating just feel right. Moral of the story? Never say never. Clearly, I'm not alone here, since fashion girl–adored denim brands like Agolde and Mother are all over the trend, too.

The Color Tangerine

Remember when we shared the random colors that would all become a thing in 2019? Well, we're adding one more to the list. Meet tangerine. The citrusy hue is one of those shades that will catch you off guard with how much you like it. 

Nothing screams summer more than a basket of fruit—am I right? Citrus, melons, and stone fruit all add a refreshing update (pun intended) to summer's breeziest dresses, tops, and bottoms.

Vests (Believe It or Not)

When you and your boss start DM'ing each other about a certain item catching on among fashion's inner circle, you know it's a micro-trend to watch. Just wait. It's only a matter of time before fashion girls will all start wearing vests buttoned up in place of tops this summer.

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