Everything I've Stopped Wearing Since Becoming a Fashion Editor

In many ways, my style has stayed the same since I became a fashion editor at Who What Wear, but it occurred to me recently that it has evolved in certain areas—some quite noticeable. While my style has always been rooted in classic items and investment pieces (and that hasn’t changed), I discovered that I now have a low tolerance for uncomfortable shoes and clothes that haven’t been tailored. These are unquestionable changes that have improved my everyday looks.

There are a few other, more dramatic areas of change, though. This comes down to the colors I’m wearing and the silhouettes I’m experimenting with. Ahead, I’m breaking down the six major ways my style has changed since becoming a fashion editor and shopping out the pieces to tap into it yourself.

Stopped Wearing: Only Neutrals

Started Wearing: More Color

While my closet is still heavily built around pieces in the neutral family of black and white, I've been wearing more and more colors, notably bold shades like pastel blue and vibrant green.

Shop colorful pieces I'm loving:

Stopped Wearing: Hard-to-Walk-In Heels

Started Wearing: More Comfortable Shoes

I spent too many years wearing sky-high heels and have since learned there are plenty of shoes that are both comfortable and cool. I've retired any footwear that's difficult to walk in and instead have been wearing kitten or block heels.

Shop comfortable shoes in my closet right now:

Stopped Wearing: Pieces That Don't Fit Right

Started Wearing: Expertly Tailored Pieces

One of the biggest changes in my wardrobe since becoming a fashion editor? Learning the importance of tailoring. Having a pair of pants taken in at the waist or a top nipped at the shoulder for a perfect fit makes a big difference in having my outfits come off as polished.

Shop my favorite tailored pieces:

Stopped Wearing: Only Standard Basics

Started Wearing: Adventurous Silhouettes

I still slip into basic T-shirts and button-downs on a regular basis, but I've been adding more and more daring silhouettes into the rotation too. My favorite of the moment? Tops with voluminous, puffy sleeves.

Shop daring silhouettes from my closet:

Stopped Wearing: A Risk-Free Wardrobe

Started Wearing: More Trends From the Current Season

While I still take a measured approach when it comes to the season's biggest trends, I've been taking some bigger risks too. The key is making sure the items (like these animal-print pants) still fit in with my personal sense of style.

Shop trend-forward pieces in my closet:

Stopped Wearing: Only Current Buys

Started Wearing: Designer Vintage

Instead of focusing my shopping habits on only new-in merchandise from contemporary brands, I've been buying more and more vintage pieces from retailers like The RealReal. It's an editor secret for tapping into the latest trends with designer pieces at a fraction of the price.