9 Trends Women From the Most Fashionable Cities in America Are Loving


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We write a lot on here about the latest trends to come from cities like New York and L.A, but what about the fashion girls in other states across America? In a report shared by Finder, plenty of other states like Atlanta, Miami, and Chicago have made the most fashionable cities place. It's easy to pinpoint trends in the fashion capitals, but luckily social media makes it accessible to see what trends girls across the country are wearing IRL. Thus, we took to Instagram and rounded up 9 trends that girls all over are wearing, with their outfit shots to prove it.

If there's anything the girls below prove, it's that no matter what area of the U.S. you live in, your zip code shouldn't put a boundary on your sense of style. From corsets to pops of bubblegum pink, fashion girls across America are taking trends fresh off the runway and incorporating them into their daily fits. Keep scrolling to see the trends they chose, how to style them, and as always, shop the picks.

City: Orlando, Florida

The Trend: Corsets

City: Los Angeles, California

The Trend: Checkered Print

City: Atlanta, Georgia

The Trend: Cutouts

City: Chicago, Illinois

The Trend: Second-Skin Tops

City: Chicago, Illinois

The Trend: Sweater-Vests

City: Miami, Florida

Trend: Polos

City: Los Angeles, California

The Trend: Chunky Loafers

City: New York, New York

The Trend: Bubblegum Pink

City: New York, New York

The Trend: Miniskirts 

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