20 Brands to Know Before Everyone Else This Year



There's a lot happening in the fashion world at all times. They don't say "fashion never sleeps" for nothing! It seems as though every week there's a new designer or trend to know about, and frankly, it's overwhelming. Today, we're here to let you in on the brands we've been bookmarking so far this year. While they might not all be brand-new, they certainly are under the radar enough to feel fresh, and this year, that's what we're craving.

High-end designers and cult-classic brands are easy to follow, but it's niche brands like the ones ahead that make our eyes widen larger than usual. Maybe it's the idea of being the only one in your friend group to own said product, or maybe it's the rush you get from supporting an up-and-coming designer—either way, it's a feeling. And I don't know about you, but when I shop, I like to feel something.

I prefer emotional purchases over stagnant ones, for those are the items in my closet I end up treasuring the most. Out of the 20 designers and brands ahead, I can promise you you'll feel "some type of way" over at least one handbag, shoe, or pair of statement pants here. Ready to learn all about the brands we're ready to take the fashion world by storm this 2018?