Bethany Marie

For fashion bloggers, the most vital part of their job is being creative, and this certainly rings true for Bethany Marie of Whether you’ve poked around her website or are an avid follower, you can sense her appreciation for all things beautiful, from her site’s layout to the dynamic images she regularly posts. But as every creative knows, it’s important to keep challenging yourself to take things to the next level. Take putting an outfit together, for example: In order to keep the look fresh, you need to find unique styling tricks and unexpected accessory twists. The same goes for Marie, who has challenged herself to look at what fuels her own creative process.

Keep scrolling to read more about Marie’s daily routine and see how she organizes her schedule to find more time for creativity.

As a blogger and a photographer, Marie encompasses what it means to be a successful multihyphenate. How did she do it? Simple: “My mantra is to always push yourself farther then you can ever imagine. If you’re fearless, you can create anything.”

Like her peers, sometimes Marie needs to hurry out the door in the morning. That doesn’t mean style should be sacrificed, though. We asked her what she would wear if she only had 15 minutes to get ready, and she answered: “I would throw on this exact outfit from American Eagle. I love oversize sweaters, distressed denim, a staple choker I can wear with anything, and statement sneakers that are versatile and comfortable enough to wear all day. These pieces from American Eagle are unique but still easy to wear.”

As previously mentioned, Marie's blog is a fashion girls eye-candy; the visuals are stunning. Her photography skills come in play here, but it's not always easy to do both. Marie's I Can moment? Challenging herself. She notes, “In addition to blogging, I’m also a photographer, and it’s another way for me to express myself. I can always push myself to the limits with photography and blogging. Through those passions, I’m always learning about myself and seeing what I can do better next time. There’s always room for growth and improvement.”

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