Here's How '80s Style Looks on Celebrities, Royals, and Anna Wintour

What comes to mind when you think of ’80s style depends on a number of factors. When were you born? Who do you consider to be a cultural icon? Are you a bit of a magpie? These responses can lead you down a number of different ’80s style paths. So in case you don’t have all the answers at the ready, consider the below to be a reminder of why fall 2018’s favorite throwback is so widely appealing.

From royalty—both of England and of rock ’n’ roll—to supermodels to Anna Wintour, the images ahead showcase a number of ’80s outfits and trends. In case you're on board with what these style stars (both past and present) have to offer, we shopped out similar pieces, too.

Scroll on for a trip down memory lane as well as a few fall outfit ideas.