I Live in the South But Dress Like I Live in L.A.—Here's My Fall Shopping List

As someone who's moved from Louisiana to Pittsburgh to NYC to L.A. and back to the South (North Carolina this time), I have a lot of thoughts about the differences in how people around the country dress. I think I could even write a thesis on it. But for now, I'll focus on the way that I dress. Of the cities I've lived in during my adult life, Los Angeles is the place I resided the longest, and it certainly had the most influence on my style. It's where I started working in fashion, after all.

Although I've lived in North Carolina for six years now, I can't say that I really relate to or identify with the Southern aesthetic. I prefer the "L.A. look." To me, that means more neutrals (aside from seasonal color trends), trend-forward accessories, denim that isn't skinny jeans, and interesting outfits with a bit more edge than what you typically see in the South. With that in mind, below is my fall shopping wish list. I can't have it all, but I narrowed it down to my favorites in case you can relate and want to shop along with me.

This is how I dress:

Fall outfit


Fall shopping


Who What Wear Collection dress


Fall outfit idea


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What to wear in the fall



These are the things I'd like to wear this fall:

Ask me for the perfect pair of boots, and I'll show you these.

This rust-colored vest is my idea of a fall basic.

Pretty, comfortable, and affordable.

I already ordered this in green, but it was a tough decision.

I'm going to have a hard time taking these off this fall.

Good luck finding a better pair of jeans. These are perfect.

Yes, it's chocolate brown, and yes, it's dreamy.

How many cool details can you fit into one sweatshirt?

I didn't realize I needed a winter baseball cap until now, but I definitely do.

Definitely not your grandma's cardigan.

This groovy print is making me feel things.

The perfect thing to wear with knee-high boots.

Your search for the perfect loafers ends here.

A patchwork plaid shirt just hits different.

I'm just really into kelly-green everything these days.

It's safe to say that every Who What Wear editor is obsessed with these.

I predict that these will be an It item at NYFW.

LNA clearly excels at designing interesting knit tops.

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