3 Reasons We're Wearing This Non-Denim Pant Style for Fall

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We never thought we'd hear ourselves say it, but here we are… Lately we've been relying way less on our go-to skinny jeans. We can't help it. While we'll never ditch denim altogether, the skinny jean counterpart—the skinny trouser—just keeps elbowing its way into our everyday looks. And for good reason: We've found that it's just as versatile as classic denim, but more polished and much more comfortable to run around in.

In breaking news, we finally found that one magical pair (available online now at Old Navy), and we asked San Francisco–based fashion blogger Nichole Ciotti to show us three chic ways she'll be wearing them for fall. As someone who lives in a bustling city, Ciotti is no stranger to elevated, practical style, and she's possibly loving these chic trousers even more than we are. Even better? 

Ahead, discover the three reasons she's adding this pant style into the mix this fall, and get tips for pulling off each of her looks.

#1: They hold their shape (through long days and laundry cycles)


On days when she has back-to-back meetings, Ciotti is all about casual-polished looks that are a bit more elevated than a denim ensemble. In the fall, she loves a good sweater, and this turtleneck option paired with pointy ankle boots and a colorful leather backpack is the epitome of chic yet practical girl-on-the-go style.


When we asked Ciotti what really makes this outfit work for a hectic day, she tells us it's all about the super-flattering fit of the pants. "I love that they don't lose shape throughout the day," she explains. The tailored style also balances out the oversize fit of the sweater, making the overall look feel more polished. We'll certainly be keeping this outfit combination on rotation this fall.

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#2: They're pajama-level comfortable


For a casual day of running errands and working from home, she pairs her Stevie pants with a lived-in tee and a cozy sweater. "Who doesn't want to feel like they're in their pajamas in front of the computer?" Ciotti asks. To keep things elevated, she accessorizes with classic leather loafers and a structured hands-free crossbody bag.


Ciotti describes her everyday style as casual and a bit edgy. She's always on the lookout for pieces that are both stylish and versatile—but that's not to say that being secretly incredibly comfortable isn't the deciding factor when she's getting dressed in the morning.

#3: They Add Texture to Every Look


Did we mention how much we're loving heritage fabrics? Ciotti notes that the texture of her Stevie pants creates a much more polished vibe than her usual skinny jeans. She attributes the slightly edgy Brit-girl vibe of this look to the combo of a leather jacket and herringbone trousers.


"I need a wardrobe that works for me, especially when I'm traveling," Ciotti tells us. "The Stevie pants are so versatile; they truly work with everything in my closet." We're always appreciative of insider packing tips, so we'll take this as the ultimate seal of approval.

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