3 Reasons We're Wearing This Non-Denim Pant Style for Fall

We never thought we'd hear ourselves say it, but here we are… Lately we've been relying way less on our go-to skinny jeans. We can't help it. While we'll never ditch denim altogether, the skinny jean counterpart—the skinny trouser—just keeps elbowing its way into our everyday looks. And for good reason: We've found that it's just as versatile as classic denim, but more polished and much more comfortable to run around in.

In breaking news, we finally found that one magical pair (available online now at Old Navy), and we asked San Francisco–based fashion blogger Nichole Ciotti to show us three chic ways she'll be wearing them for fall. As someone who lives in a bustling city, Ciotti is no stranger to elevated, practical style, and she's possibly loving these chic trousers even more than we are. Even better? 

Ahead, discover the three reasons she's adding this pant style into the mix this fall, and get tips for pulling off each of her looks.

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