The 4-Piece Outfit Formula That Works for Everything

There's nothing better than identifying that one go-to outfit each season that's not only stylish, but versatile enough to last you all season. To best achieve this, keep it simple and create a base that relies on tried-and-true classics in a neutral palette. Then, you can layer in more colorful, on-trend pieces to keep the outfit fresh. 

This fall, we’re loving one particular four-piece outfit combination that makes for the perfect base: black high-waisted skinnies, a classic breezy white blouse (carried over from your summer wardrobe), seasonally appropriate thigh-high boots, and a menswear-inspired camel coat to tie it all together. Wear this outfit anywhere from work to dinner to weekend activities, and switch it up with a colorful bag or scarf to make it feel new each time.

Explore and shop this fool-proof outfit formula below. 

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