Every Cool Person On the Internet Will Be Wearing These Micro-Trends Come Fall

Following New York Fashion Week, all anyone in the industry is thinking about are the major trends that will be taking over next spring and summer. Not on the tip of everyone's tongues are the smaller trends that are emerging right now. I, however, have a tendency to zero in on even the tiniest of trends, scrolling for hours on Instagram and TikTok all the while taking note of every last item I believe has the potential to go big. So, since I need a break from thinking about next season's top trends, I'm instead spending today focusing all my concentration on those less-talked-about fall micro trends that are emerging as we speak. 

From Miu Miu-inspired satin ballet flats (best paired with slouchy socks) to drop-waist dresses à la Khaite, there's no shortage of small-but-mighty fads circulating on the internet for fall. That said, I thought I'd edit down the list to a more digestible 8 micro-trends that you should be especially cognizant of this season. Scroll down to see and of course shop the ones that made the cut. 

Following Miu Miu's ballet-flats-filled fall collection, fashion people haven't stopped talking about and subsequently wearing the once-hated shoe style, specifically, satin ones. Worn stylishly with slouchy socks or alone, these heel-less shoes will be spotted on, well, just about everyone this season. 

Despite their not-so-great reputation in the past, drop-waist silhouettes are on the rise this season, with brands ranging from Khaite to Abercrombie all hopping on board. And if you buy one now, you won't have to worry about it going out of style in one season. According to the spring/summer '23 runways, this dress trend will be going strong well into the new year. 

In line with the frivolous-accessories trend that showed up on the fall/winter '22 runways, unnecessary belts are having a moment, especially ones made of rope or cord and embellished with eye-catching beads and gems. Note: Don't expect these waist baubles to come to your rescue when your pants start to slip down. They're strictly for aesthetic purposes only. 

Love is in the air, or rather, around your neck. In contrast to the delicate chains we've been sporting for the last few years, this season's array of neck jewelry is far chunkier and bolder, and it almost always includes a heart pendant. 

If I had to pinpoint one trend that was most ubiquitous among the street-style set during NYFW, it would be ties, most often paired with a poplin shirt or menswear-style waistcoat and puddle pants. Luckily, mastering this look is easy and you probably already know someone who owns a tie for you to test it out on. Then all you have to do is learn how to tie one (don't worry, I know from experience that there are plenty of YouTube tutorials out there). 

You can thank Hailey Bieber for the recent flood of trendy, rimless eyewear on Instagram and TikTok. Ever since the supermodel and Rhode founder debuted a sporty pair from Balenciaga, similar styles have popped up at various brands like Le Specs and on practically ever fashion girl from L.A. to NYC.

After appearing on the runway at Dior and Diesel last February and in pre-fall collections from Roberto Cavalli and MM6 Maison Margiela, it's clear that racing-style leather jackets are a big deal in fashion this season. The trend is picking up so much, in fact, that Zara recently launched an entire collection around it. 


It doesn't feel so long ago that Bermuda shorts were all anyone in fashion was wearing, but already, a new shorts style is making waves among the style set, and this one is much, much shorter. Micro-shorts, also referred to as hot shorts or bloomers, are trending in a major way thanks to brands like Jacquemus, Rezek Studio, and Maryam Nassir Zadeh.