My Friend Has Now Convinced Me to Invest in This $550 Hair Tool

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2020 isn’t shaping up to be the year I thought it would be—and that’s the simplest and nicest way for me to put it. Among many things in life, my hair routine has been disrupted. No salon treatments, no feeling like I'm in a hair campaign thanks to a fresh blowout. Even though salons are starting to open across the country, who knows when things will be back to how they once were, so I decided to take matters into my own hands. 

My good friend and co-worker Natalia Sztyk has been raving about the Dyson Airwrap™ styler the tool that lets you curl, wave, smooth, and dry hair all at once with no extreme heat—all thanks to the Coanda effect, which attracts and wraps hair to the barrel using only air. Honestly I was surprised to hear she was using (and loving) it, since the last I heard she'd given up hot tools. Here’s a little backstory: A few years ago, Natalia dyed her hair ombré, and as much as she said she loved how it looked, the chemicals seriously damaged her locks. So last year, she decided to get her hair healthy again by taking it back to her natural black color and committing to air drying. When recently, Natalia felt ready to invest in a product that would help reduce hair breakage and damage, it only made sense to go with a hair tool from the experts in hair health—Dyson. Dyson has a team of experts that study in detail everything from thermal, mechanical, and chemical hair damage to airflow dynamics. "Before I felt like I had no option other than letting my hair air dry, but the Dyson Airwrap is a way to create hairstyles without extreme heat,” she tells me. "There are also so many different styling attachments [six to be exact], so you can create so many hairstyles and never get bored.” 


She had my attention, but a $550 price tag isn't a buy-on-a-whim situation. I really needed to be sure it's worth the investment. So, I did what I always do when I'm thinking about a big purchase: calculate what the cost per use would be over the course of a year and it's impressive. (Take a look for yourself above—even if I'm using it just once a month, it's more affordable than getting a blow-dry.) Natalia took it one step further by sending me pictures of all the salon-worthy hairstyles she created last week and the Dyson styling attachments she used for each. I'm sold and assume you will be, too, after you take a scroll…


(Image credit: @bonatalia)

I know Natalia is my friend and all, but how cute does she look? It's crazy how some hair volume and bounce can make a casual jeans-and-tee outfit look way more fun.

Get the look—soft waves: Natalia used the pre-styling dryer attachment, then the firm smoothing brush at her roots, and finished with the 1.2-inch barrel to curl her hair away from her face. "I brushed the curls out with my fingers for a more undone feel," says Natalia. 


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Simple yet sophisticated and so easy, Natalia tells me. "I love that I was able to go from damp hair to smooth and straight so easily without extreme heat."

Get the look—smooth & straight: Natalia used the firm smoothing brush styling attachment from root to tip and repeated until all her hair was done. "It helps to section your hair, and focus on the bottom part before moving to the top," explains Natalia. 


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I've known Natalia for years now, and I'm telling you she used to always wear her hair with beachy waves. So, I'm calling it: Now this is going to be her regular style again.

Get the look—beachy waves: After using the pre-styling dryer attachment, use the 1.2-inch barrel styling attachment with the arrows pointing away from your face. "I alternated the way each section was curled by changing the barrel directions because it made the style feel more relaxed and beachy," explains Natalia. 


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If you don't live in Los Angeles, then you might not know we've been experiencing quite a heatwave. It only makes sense Natalia styled a 'do that was completely out of her face for a particularly warm day. It's definitely a nice way to spice up a regular ole ponytail.

Get the look—pony up: Natalia says she used the pre-styling dryer attachment and then both the 1.2-inch barrel and 1.6-inch barrel styling attachments to curl her hair before pulling it all back into a ponytail. Super easy and effective.


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Okay, it legit looks like Natalia got her hair professionally blown out. This is the style that has 100% convinced me I need a Dyson Airwrap of my own.

Get the look—full-bodied volume: Natalia says she used the pre-styling dryer attachment and then the round volumizing brush styling attachment. "For this look it's important to get volume at the root, so lift hair at the crown, shaping and lifting side sections up and outwards."


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To me, this looks like it must have taken forever to do, but Natalia assured me it was actually super quick and easy. "It reminds me of my wedding hair, so I felt super confident and happy all day long," she tells me.

Get the look—Hollywood waves: Natalia used the pre-styling dryer attachment and the 1.6-inch barrel styling attachment curling toward her face. "For a more voluminous feel, brush the curls out after," she says.


(Image credit: @bonatalia)

I love this final 'do. It looks like a combination of a few of the earlier ones: not as glam as Saturday's style but not as casual as Wednesday's. It's the perfect middle ground.

Get the Look—tousled texture: Natalia used the pre-styling dryer attachment and the 1.6-inch barrel styling attachment, alternating the barrel directions for a more undone, tousled look. "Don't forget to run your fingers through the curls to loosen them up," she says.

I don't know about you, but Natalia has totally sold me on the Dyson Airwrap. Sure, the price is an investment, but considering there are six styling attachments, the options for hairstyles feel endless. It's the versatility that's got me! Plus, even if I only used it once a month, it'd still be cheaper than getting a blowout. Who is with me?

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