Every Fashion Girl Looks Forward to These 10 Things for Fall

It's been fall to us since Labor Day came and went, but the official start of fall is quickly approaching. There's just something about the season that feels comforting and also like a fresh start in the world of fashion. There's a reason September issues are the most important issues of the year. Fall fashion sets the tone for the next four seasons to come, and the makings of a fall wardrobe are comprised of some of our favorite pieces—sweaters, denim, coats, and boots. You may have even noticed that many of the most stylish It girls (e.g., Rihanna, Kendall, Gigi, and Bella) often wear fall jackets, boots, and sweaters when summer is still in full swing. It's no coincidence! Fashion girls love fall and eagerly await the season's arrival.

In celebration of the season, keep scrolling to see 10 reasons fall is every fashion girl's favorite season, and shop some of our favorite fall pieces along the way. Let the countdown to September 22 begin!

Come September, burgundy and camel everything is our motto. These quintessential fall colors make everything look more expensive and polished. 


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We're all guilty of it—a sweater is the best selfie enhancer this time of year (the fuzzier the better). 

Layering enhances any outfit, and fashion girls can't complain about getting to wear more clothes from their prized wardrobes.

Devouring the September issues could easily be a full-time job this time of year. The pages and pages of gorgeous ads alone are worth the time investment. 

Bye, sandals: It's boots all day every day for the foreseeable future. The challenge is choosing the perfect pair from the hoards of sumptuous options.


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Showing off your socks is a thing these days, and it seems to be here to stay. We love that a pair of cool socks makes summery shoes a feasible option for chilly days.

Fact: Turtlenecks are chic, and they keep you warm. Our favorite way to wear them? Layered under a slip dress or camisole, just as we did with our T-shirts in the warmer months.

A statement coat is the ultimate effortless outfit maker. Just be sure to get your hands on the one of your choice early—they have a tendency to sell out quickly.

Nothing says fall like a little plaid. It's especially of-the-moment this year, given the '90s grunge revival that's still going strong.

Bring on the cashmere, faux fur, and fleece-lined hoodies! Being cozy is of utmost importance in the fall, so take full advantage of it and wear your most comfortable duds to your heart's delight.