Every Fashion Girl Looks Forward to These 10 Things for Fall

It's been fall to us since Labor Day came and went, but the official start of fall is quickly approaching. There's just something about the season that feels comforting and also like a fresh start in the world of fashion. There's a reason September issues are the most important issues of the year. Fall fashion sets the tone for the next four seasons to come, and the makings of a fall wardrobe are comprised of some of our favorite pieces—sweaters, denim, coats, and boots. You may have even noticed that many of the most stylish It girls (e.g., Rihanna, Kendall, Gigi, and Bella) often wear fall jackets, boots, and sweaters when summer is still in full swing. It's no coincidence! Fashion girls love fall and eagerly await the season's arrival.

In celebration of the season, keep scrolling to see 10 reasons fall is every fashion girl's favorite season, and shop some of our favorite fall pieces along the way. Let the countdown to September 22 begin!