5 Fall Trends This Stylish Over-50-Year-Old Is Looking Forward to Wearing

By the looks of things, it seems as if we're going to be spending the majority of this year indoors. While we fully encourage the idea of getting dressed to go nowhere just so you can feel more like your sartorial self again, we also want to provide you with some content that will keep you excited and hopeful for the months ahead (that will hopefully be spent outdoors).

The best way to do that? Chatting about fall trends. We've covered some of the most popular styles that were shown on the F/W 2020 runways, and now, we want to see which of those trends real people are looking forward to wearing when the season arrives.

One fashion person I always turn to when I'm in need of a little inspiration is Renata Jazdzyk, also known as Ven's Wife Style on Instagram. This stylish icon is currently over 50 years old and is living proof that trends and style know absolutely no age limit. Renata always seems to be one step ahead of everyone else as she creatively dons the latest brands and trends, which is exactly why I asked her for her list of five fall trends she's itching to wear this season. 

Not only did her picks align perfectly with the heaviest hitters from the F/W 20 runways, but she has also already worn all five of the trends she touches on and we have the pictures to prove it.

1. New Shoulders

"Stronger shoulders are coming back this fall. This is one of my favorite trends, as I love dramatic shoulders! The great thing about this trend is you can wear strong shoulders with anything from jeans to boho dresses. Look for blazers, coats, and sweaters with strong shoulders to create one-of-a-kind outfits." 

2. Cutouts

"I'm already on a search for pieces with some delicate slits and surprising cutouts. I absolutely adore this trend, as it's a bit more playful and can make any outfit a bit sexier without looking tacky. Look for blazers, tops, or knits with subtle openings (e.g. at the elbow, as suggested by Victoria Beckham in her most recent runway collection)." 

3. Ruffles

"I will be looking for frills and ruffles this fall. Whether on modern skirts, shirts, or bibs, this romantic detail will make any outfit more unique. One of my favorite options is a shirt with a ruffle bib combined with high-waisted trousers and moccasins."  

4. Capes

"This fall, I will put away my coats and trenchcoats. Instead, I will be searching for capes in every shape and form. I love capes, as they are comfy to wear and easy to layer. Look for maxi capes or for the ones that look like trench coats." 

5. Fringe

"I'm excited about how we will be wearing fringe this fall. We no longer are seeing it on just boho dresses—now, we are seeing fringe on stylish office skirts (Dior), coats (Bottega Veneta), scarves, bags, and shoes! I love that a fringe adornment on anything can add so much movement to my outfit, hence why I'm a big fan of it!"