11 Chic Ways the NYC Fashion Set Is Wearing Denim Skirts This Fall

If you were to take a look at my closet, you'd know I'm all about statement tops, eye-catching accessories, and elevated pieces that feel modern, yet timeless enough to wear throughout the year. Now that fall is approaching and I'm shuffling out my easy-to-wear linen pants and denim shorts that went with nearly everything in my colorful wardrobe, I'm pulling out my tried-and-true item that goes with almost everything I'm putting on for the rest of the year: the simple, classic, denim skirt.

Just like the rest of the NYC fashion set, I've resorted to styling my denim skirt dozens of ways to keep my outfits feeling fresh. From trendy accessories to statement outwear, these NYC girl-approved styling methods are sure to be everywhere this fall. Shop the best denim skirt outfits below, along with some of our editors' favorite trendy picks.

How to style: denim skirt, trucker jacket, and fun accessories.

How to style: unconventional denim skirt, denim shirt, statement sunglasses.



How to style: denim maxi skirt, minimalist heels and simple cardigan.



How to style: denim slit skirt and colorful knit vest.



How to style: '90s headband, oversize shirt, denim skirt and chunky sneakers.



How to style: denim maxi skirt, Adidas sambas, and a white tee.

How to style: sports jacket, ballet flats, and a light-wash denim skirt.



How to style: denim skirt over pants, wide belt, and preppy knitwear.



How to style: statement belt, denim skirt and simple long-sleeve top.



How to style: Penny Lane jacket, denim skirt and chain belt.



How to style: white button down, faded-wash denim skirt, '90s minimalist sunglasses.