I'm a Loyal Nordstrom Shopper, and These Fall Basics Have My Attention

If you’re like me, you know that the arrival of the fall season means so many exciting things—for one, that feeling of the beginning of a new chapter, the holidays to look forward to, and most importantly, packing away your spring and summer clothes. The change from summer to fall is particularly exciting. For some, it’s back to school, for others, it’s back to the office after working from home for over two years.

Whenever I shop for a new season, I always start with figuring out which basics my closet is in need of. For fall, there are five basics that I think everyone should have in their wardrobe: A great bomber jacket, a pair of straight-leg denim, knee-high boots (of course), a little black dress, and sneakers. Now, if you know me, you know I’m a huge Nordstrom fan, and I turned to my trusted retailer to shop for everything I needed and more. 

Keep scrolling to see the Nordstrom fall basics I have my eye on.



This fall, bomber jackets are coming back in a big way. If you can get your hands on a great leather or faux-leather bomber, that’s even better. I love this jacket paired with loose-fitting pants and a classic baby tee with sneakers. It’s the ultimate cool-girl jacket.



Straight-Leg Denim

A good pair of straight-leg denim is the ultimate basic for fall. They have a French-girl feel to them and the cut makes them a bit more elevated. Pair with some chic ballet flats or heeled boots.



Knee-High Boots

I get so excited every fall to start wearing my knee-high boots. They’re such a staple shoe for fall and look great with a miniskirt, jeans, or a dress. Knee-high boots give off a confident and stylish vibe, which I’m always going for.



While the classic little black dress is chic year round, if you ask me, fall is the best time to rock one. I love a black minidress with knee-high boots for a fall night-out look or a great midi dress for daytime.



When it comes to sneakers, it’s clear the vibe is retro for fall. We can all thank Bella Hadid for the rise of the trend of the Adidas Samba sneakers, but for me, I love a retro-looking pair of Reeboks or New Balances.