The Coolest Fashion Backpacks at Every Price Point

Growing up, I was homeschooled (hold the jokes), and though I’m grateful for my unique academic experience, there are certain aspects of schooling that I missed out—namely, the topic of today’s post: backpacks. Widely associated with childhood and back-to-school motifs, I, homeschooled girl, never got to own one. After all, packing up my books and supplies to simply walk downstairs seemed a bit unnecessary. So when these carryalls began to trickle into street style culture years back on cool off-duty models and fashion editors, my eyeballs widened with glee.

Fast-forward to the present, and I have a small handful of backpacks I love and cherish. Not only are they a stylish update to the classic handbag, they’re also amazing for commuting and balancing weight on my shoulders, which if you walk miles a day like I do makes a major difference. All of these reasons combined are why I decided to peruse fall’s best backpack offerings so you can join me in carrying a stylish, shoulder-pleasing bag this season. See below to shop my picks, and make sure to tell me in the comments if you buy one!

A subtle and stylish way to show off your logo love.

This soft shade of pink contrasts nicely with the minimalistic design.

This one will fit your laptop, easy-peasy.

Is it just us, or is this backpack an instant mood-lifter?

With a color and shape this classic, you'll carry it for many decades to come.

From the warm caramel shade to the circular hardware, this backpack is a must-have.

You know we had to include a Gucci option for you.

This one looks like a piece of candy.

We spot these backpacks all over New York.

Conquer the day with this powerful red bag in tow.

Go under the radar with this olive version.

If ever there were a sleek backpack, it's this one right here.

Not ready to give up your florals? Problem solved.

Color-blocking is one of our favorite accessory details, and this version nailed it on the head.

An Olsen-endorsed backpack is an A+ in our book.

This looks way more expensive than it actually is, which is never a bad thing.

Not into the backpack trend? That's okay. Take a look at these beautiful designer bags for fall instead.

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