Meet the Bags That Will Be Huge This Fall

Unveiling the next season’s latest trends and market offerings is oddly satisfying for us. It not only puts a designer’s creativity and vision on shoppable display but also gives a glimpse at what fashion insiders and bloggers will inevitably be wearing for the next several months. And as we inch closer toward fashion month (New York Fashion Week starts September 9!), the street style set will serve as a rousing game of Can You Guess What So-and-So Is Wearing?

With these sentiments in mind, we thought what better way to ring in the autumn season than by handpicking the best new designer bags? And even if they’re a tad (or majorly) out of your price range, we think this guide can still be useful for identifying reoccurring shapes, details, patterns, and the ilk so you can find similar versions in your favorite vintage stores or boutiques. After all, it’s the savvy fashion girl who can translate and adapt seasonal trends into her own wardrobe and budget.

See below for our fall bags shopping guide, and if one in particular strikes your fancy, let us know in the comments.