33 Pieces My Friends Don't Believe Are From Amazon

Fall Amazon wishlist



It should come as no surprise that I'm a huge fan of shopping. Massive, actually. Especially when I come across items that look much more expensive than they are—the ones that force my friends to do a double-take, making me feel as if I'm Andrea Sachs in The Devil Wears Prada. "Are you wearing the…" "The super trendy but affordable outfit I found on Amazon because I'm going easy on my spending this year? Yeah, I am."

Here are said items that my friends don't believe are from Amazon. Everything looks way more luxe than the prices would indicate, plus many will be in style for years to come. Slip skirts? Jumpsuits? Peter Pan collar tops? I've got you. Enjoy!


Hi, I'm the girl who is still obsessed with tie-dye.

The kind of sweater that just makes you happy looking at it. 

Classic, timeless, and only $17.

I'd like to thank the powers from above for bringing this cardigan into my life.


Summer please don't end; I need more time with these shorts.

A slip skirt is the most overlooked fall staple IMHO.

Is there anything chicer than a neutral fall outfit? No, no there isn't.


Summer is basically over, but my cowboy boots would go perfectly with this little number.

I can already see myself wearing this with tights and booties.

This jumpsuit will make all your other jumpsuits jealous.

Leopard print. Mock neck. Ruffles. Am I in heaven?

Over-the-knee boots? Cowboy boots? Combat boots? This is the type of dress that'll look good with any style.


Can I get a moment of silence for this Peter Pan collar, please?

My friends still don't believe I found this on Amazon.


The secret to making any outfit look more expensive is adding a blazer. Period.

This plaid jacket is cooler than any style I currently own.

I might live in L.A., but this coat will always have a place in my home.


The bag that'll go with everything in your closet.

An elevated under-$50 gold chain necklace is a big deal.