The '80s Called—They Want You to Try These 15 Fall Outfits

Whether you lived through '80s style the first time around or are just dipping your toe in the trend, there's one undeniable fact about the looks of the era: They aren't for the faint of heart. Bold colors, prints, oversize clothing, graphic tees—these likely don't sound too far off from the trends you usually experiment with, do they? And with a new season on the horizon, it's time to get creative with how we put them together. With that in mind, we rounded up 15 fall '80s-inspired outfits spotted on Instagram—each that effortlessly incorporate trends from the times of Walkmans, The Goonies, and all things Madonna. Scroll on for your next daring ensemble idea.

Leopard print was made to be paired with belted, studded boots.

Oversize everything? Yes, please.

Be sure to belt out your monochrome ensemble. 

Getting Breakfast Club vibes from this outfit.

Doesn't get more '80s than white tights. 

Go bold or go home when it comes to a statement print.

Bring out those oversize plaid shirts from the forgotten corner of your closets.

Change up your all-white ensemble by opting for an embroidered puff-sleeve jacket.

The larger the belt the better. 

Harem pants with a chic, modern touch.

Frayed denim was a favorite then and now. 

The '80s approves of this whole party outfit.

Stay cozy with your vintage graphic sweater. 

Do pastel colors, the '80s way: with statement floral prints.

Windbreakers look so much better when you're not actually wearing them to a workout.

Here's to having a blast from the past.

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