6 Expensive-Looking Outfits I'm Re-Creating on the Cheap

I'm sure I'm not the only one who has big plans in mind for the second this period of quarantine is over, but I might be one of the few who is actually pre-planning outfits to wear once I'm allowed to see my friends again. To find truly fresh outfit ideas, I always sift through my saved photos on Instagram, and while doing so recently, I noticed that a lot of the looks I bookmarked had a particularly expensive-looking vibe about them. It was clearly my goal to re-create each of these looks in some way or another, but this time, I decided to shop out each item with budget-friendly price tags only. 

Ahead, enjoy scrolling through six expensive-looking ensembles that can actually be re-created quite affordably, and I have all the shopping to prove it. With items from some of your favorite affordable retailers, this roundup is sure to encourage you to do a little extra digging the next time you want to re-create an outfit you see on Instagram because trust me: Putting in the work is worth it. 

I was looking for a way to liven up a simple white dress, and this look proved that apparently, a gold belt and strappy sandals are all I really need.

I wasn't sure that a laid-back yet tailored summer look was possible, but this easy tank and faux-leather shorts look proved me wrong. 

There's nothing I love more than a relaxed, oversize suit, so the second I laid eyes on this one, I knew I had to re-create it. I couldn't find one with this exact dusty hue, but to be honest, I am not hating the bright blue one that I found below.

Any dress that exposes a little bit of my back is a winner in my book. Since it's difficult for me to not wear a bra, I was pleased with this similar(ish) Zara dress that I found that dips only a little in the back. 

It's unclear when we will all be back in our offices, but the second we are, I plan on experimenting with expensive-looking color palettes like this one. It's tailored, it's exciting, and it can be re-created on a budget. 

This might be an unpopular opinion, but summer leather is a trend that I plan on supporting (hopefully beyond the confines of my own home) next season. This outfit should be able to convince you if you feel differently. 

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