This Is Officially the New "Everyday" Jewelry Look of 2021

Call me a pessimist, but I truly never thought the day would come when delicate gold layering jewelry would meet its match. For years now, simple stacking rings, tamely layered tiny gold chains, and average-size hoops have been the go-to jewelry assortment of fashion girls everywhere. Even the recent(ish) introduction of heavier chains felt like a daunting departure from the minimalistic look we were all so accustomed to, so you better believe we were floored once colorful, chunky, loud, statement-making pieces emerged as the new everyday jewelry trend in 2021. 

Brands like Roxanne Assoulin, Éliou, and La Manso really led the pack with their quirky designs and bright colors. Seeing such pieces and other brands follow suit felt natural at first. I figured it was a new bubbling jewelry trend that would rise and fall just like all the rest, but the past year has proven me very wrong. Before I knew it, all I was seeing on Instagram, celebrities, and TikTok were various kitschy variations of this joyous jewelry trend on repeat. It quickly became rare that I would spot an influencer or It girl solely donning a tiny gold necklace. Instead, their neck, fingers, and ear lobes were doused in neon enamel, pearls aplenty, and any and all jewelry that looked like it had a 50% chance of being made during summer camp. 

This got my journalistic wheels turning. While I certainly have my own say on the matter, I was curious to hear from the people who had a heavy hand in fostering this trend, which is why I reached out to both jewelry designers and the fashion directors who stock their pieces to get their takes on this sartorial transition. I wanted to know what they thought of this new "everyday" jewelry aesthetic, and not to my surprise, they had a lot to say. From the consumer mindset behind the trend to the fact that it's truly a reaction to the times, get ready to hear from some of the most beloved names in the industry touch on the new go-to jewelry trend of the year. 

"We are moving towards a time where people have the confidence to fully express themselves. I think the best part about jewelry is that it can be both singular and conversational; it gives your body the opportunity to speak and stand out. On a global level, we are not living in quiet times, and our bodies, voices, and choice of fashion are firmly expressing that. Éliou offers people the opportunity to be loud, happy, and intrinsically who they are." — Cristina Mantilla, co-founder and designer, Éliou

"With optimism on the horizon and clearer skies in our midst, there is a new sense of excitement and a jovial approach to getting dressed. Last year was all about staying in, while this year is about bursting out, and when doing so, it will be a celebratory act. Coming from a year with a lengthy list of restrictions, we are all ready for a seismic shift; no more boundaries or limitations when taking back the town. Let's bring out all the colors and wear our boldness around our necks. At Éliou, we hope everyone and anyone can find a piece that speaks to them for this 'coming out' party." — Duda Teixeira, co-founder, Éliou

"Statement jewelry has always been around. Starting from the gold chains from a few seasons ago, it has really developed to what it is today. All the Zoom meetings probably help to amplify this trend. Also with the minimalist ready-to-wear trend, statement jewelry becomes important to complete the look and bring additional attention to the outfit." — Tiffany Hsu, fashion buying director, MyTheresa



"The demand for zesty, mood-boosting, uplifting jewelry is in full effect. We find many people are now more than ever looking to be spontaneous and creative and enjoy being able to translate this through accessorizing. We see our jewelry as a way to express yourself, complete an outfit, and it's super Instagrammable! I also feel that with major trendsetters such as Dua Lipa, Bella Hadid, Tessa Thompson, Eva Chen, and Miley Cyrus wearing my collections, it has gone viral and generated huge style exposure. With them each having a massive following, it helped set a trend and look that many want to obtain.

"The dainty look is classic and will always be relevant for some, but expressing ourselves through color, and with the current climate, everyone needs something uplifting and fun to spice up their closet. Colorful jewelry is beautiful to look at and gives one that playful, happy, and joyful feeling we all needed whilst staying practical." — Bea Bongiasca, jewelry designer



"Colorful statement jewelry has always been a part of Pomellato's DNA. In 2001, we launched our iconic Nudo Collection, which is bold, colorful, and unconventional. Nudo rings are meant to be combined and stacked, mixing different stones and colors according to personal desires and style. We have noticed this trend increasing over the years and have expanded from the classic rings to earrings, bracelets, and sautoirs. Pushing the boundaries of gemstone colors, our Nudo Collection continues to grow, such as our Nudo Deep Blue rings, which capture the blue hues of the Mediterranean. Color brings joy, and what better way to express that than through jewelry? Our Nudo rings are the perfect way to do so!" — Sabina Belli, global CEO, Pomellato



"It's funny—I started doing these bracelets five years ago in February. It felt fresh, new, colorful, and happy—something that was missing in the world of fashion jewelry. It wasn't seasonal, and it wasn't gender- nor age-specific. My goal was to keep it blatantly costume and to create an inclusive and democratic line built around the idea that we can make people smile. Who knew it would be so sorely needed this past year and a half? I don't think it's replacing fine jewelry; it's in addition to. It's about personal style and not taking anything too seriously—not life, not fashion, and definitely not jewelry." — Roxanne Assoulin, jewelry designer

"I am all about fine jewelry but in statement colors! This season's jewelry will feature beautiful colors in stones and enamels, and we are seeing these bold colors across rings, bracelets, and earrings. I recommend investing in something colorful that also serves as a conversation starter!" — Caroline Maguire, fashion director, Shopbop 



"We design what we want to wear, pieces we're in the mood for, rather than design for the sake of a trend. Because our style embraces a more-is-more approach to accessorizing, the whole jewelry-everywhere trend falls happily in line with the kinds of things we gravitate toward naturally.

"Our colorful beaded necklaces mixed with charms and baroque pearls all do that for us. This moment is for people who love to play dress-up, who ignore the 'take one thing off before you leave the house' rule. If you're someone who puts jewelry on to run errands 'because why not,' we're right there with you." — Eliza Higgins, co-founder, Brinker & Eliza