With These 20 Pieces in Your Closet, I Guarantee You'll Always Know What to Wear



If you asked my roommate which question I ask her most, she would tell you without hesitation, "What should I wear?" I almost always spend the hour before I'm supposed to leave the house feeling like I have nothing to wear despite having a wardrobe full of options. This question pops up far too often for my—ahem, my roommate's—liking, so I have decided to spend this season reworking my closet to address the current unbalanced ratio of basics to statement pieces. Everlane happens to specialize in stylish staples that not only pair well with trendy pieces but are also designed to last. The brand's New Arrivals section features everything from V-neck bodysuits to ankle boots, and I now have 20 new tabs open on my browser and 20 fall outfit ideas to match. Your new go-to pieces are waiting for you below.




Layering Pieces

Shoes & Accessories