I Moved Home for a Month—These Are the 24 Effective Beauty Products I Packed

You know that game where you're asked what three items you'd choose to bring if you were stranded on a deserted island? Well, that's exactly what I felt like I was playing when I made the last-minute decision to temporarily move back in with my parents and had approximately two hours to pack my belongings. It's a long story, but essentially, my lease was just about up in NY and apartment showings were understandably put on hold for the time being. So I made the swift decision to put everything I couldn't fit into two suitcases in storage and move back home to Arizona until I could resume my apartment hunt.

Somehow packing clothing was the easy part and choosing which beauty products to take and which to live without for (potentially) multiple months was the challenge. I knew my parents would have some basics stocked, like shampoo and body wash, so after some deliberation, I landed on these 24 beauty products that lie within the haircare and skincare categories.


(Image credit: @michaela_bee)

I immediately decided that this was my chance to color coordinate my medicine cabinet (see above) like I've always wanted but couldn't do while sharing a bathroom with my roommate in NY. It may not be the most practical choice, but lately, it's the little things that spark joy. Below are the full details on each of my picks, in rainbow order of course.

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