Calling It: These 10 Emerging Brands Will Have a Major Glow Up in 2021

There's a certain feeling of excitement you get when you come across a new label that really speaks to you. It's thrilling, joy-inducing, satisfying, and it makes your heart beat a little bit faster and your fingers tap and scroll with a little more urgency. Ask any fashion editor and they'll tell you that discovering new and emerging fashion brands is one of the best parts of their job for this very reason.

Thanks in part to social media, coming face-to-face with a new label doesn't even require you to get up off the couch since platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok are flooded with inspiration at every turn. And as an avid user of all three, I've racked up a healthy list of the new and new-to-me fashion brands that I've recently discovered and simply won't shut up about. I'm not exaggerating when I say that the below 11 names are going to have a major glow up, aka become even more popular and noteworthy, this year. Why do I think this? Because I keep seeing them pop up online, and from an editor's point of view, they just have that It factor.

Scroll down to discover what makes each of these emerging fashion brands so notable and prepare to fall in love with them just as much as I have.

Complicated ties and wrap-up pieces are set to be a big trend this year and indie label Ottolinger is at the forefront with its deconstructed pieces and playful prints that ooze one-of-a-kind cool.

Each one of Tyler McGillivary's pieces makes me smile from ear to ear. The NYC-based designer has a way with colors and prints that will instantly put you in a good mood. Whether it's a multicolor knit or a checkerboard T-shirt, this label should be your go-to for funky style.

emerging fashion brands: Gimaguas



Started by two Spanish sisters who create and design each piece, Gimaguas is a small and sustainable line that's so easy to love. Their playful knits are some of their standout pieces but the beachy-inspired jewelry is also not to be missed. 

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emerging fashion brands: Marcia



Marcia has made a name for themselves with their distinctive side cutouts. With standout pieces that are the definition of Insta-worthy (just look how well they photograph), it's no wonder they've become beloved so by the fashion set. 

emerging fashion brands: Sir



The Australians have mastered the art of effortless luxury and Sir is a prime example of what I mean. The stunning but minimalist designs seem to be tailor-made for summer getaways and given that the cutout trend is only gaining more steam this year, prepare to see a lot more of this label.

emerging fashion brands: La Manso



If you haven't caught on already, funky style is one the rise, and Barcelona-based La Manso is another key name to know. Their colorful resin rings have already earned a spot in the closets of fashion insiders, among them Bella Hadid, and give off a very early 2000s vibe that we're seeing bubble up again.

emerging fashion brands: Mirror Palais



Mirror Palais is one of those brands that's best described as dreamy. If you haven't had the chance to read our WWW Spotlight with designer Marcelo Gaia, I suggest you do so. From the underwire knit polo to an incredible lineup of '80s style bikinis, the entire collection is like one big mood board come to life.

emerging fashion brands: Tamara Malas



I first heard about Tamara Malas' line when I interviewed a group of models for a story last year and Sam Welsch shared, "She is an absolute queen for us plus-size babies. Her clothing is high-fashion, unique, and makes you feel so special." Immediately, I tracked down her site and was pleased to find an array of stunning and statement-making pieces offered in sizes 10 to 32, something we definitely need more of.

emerging fashion brands: Hosbjerg



Putting a sporty spin on Scandi style, Hosbjerg’s designs combine everyday comfort with modern femininity, resulting in a so-90s range of apparel we’re fully obsessed with. Expect sheer blazers, colorful midi dresses and statement tops to shake things up in your wardrobe the Danish way.

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emerging fashion brands: Notte



Designed between Italy and NYC, each of Notte's beaded creations is playful, nostalgic, and oh-so-'90s. If you're looking to add an out-of-the-box piece to your collection of classics, anyone of their yin-yang earrings or pearl necklaces will do just fine.