9 Items Our Fashion Editor Is Buying This Month

The mid-year sales are a stressful time for me. Daily email alerts reminding me that my favourite retailers have slashed prices, sends me into a tailspin. What if I’m missing out on the Saint Laurent booties I’ve been lusting after for two months? You’ll often read that sale time isn’t the time to buy those statement shoes just because they’re 50% off, because you’ll never wear them. I disagree. I’ve made some of my all-time purchases during an online sale. When you’re scrolling through pages and pages worth of product and something catches your eye and forces you stop and click, it’s worth paying attention to. There’s something to be said for gut instinct, and I say go for it (as long as you're shopping the correct size and not just hoping a size 35 shoe fits your size 40 feet).

Keep scrolling to see the pieces that made me stop mid-scroll. They’re not all ‘classic pieces’ that I’ll keep forever, but I love them anyway, and that will do for me.

My favourite pieces to add to my wardrobe are things that can be layered. For winter, I'm layering a long trench and for summer, I'm wearing it over a white tee for '90s vibes.

A pair of patent boots has been high on my wish list, and for less than a $50, how can I say no?

I feel like for only $5, this will completely overhaul an outfit.

I want to start wearing long skirts again, and the best time to test out a new trend is when it's on sale.

I will never stop buying jeans. Those with a denim addiction, stand by me and add this frayed-hem pair to your wardrobe.

I'm big on shirting. I'll be styling this with the rainbow sleeves poking out under my trench coat.

This will add a playful touch to any wardrobe.

This will be the most glamorous item I've ever purchased for myself. I can't wait to wear them everyday. 

What will you be purchasing from the mid-year sales? We'd love to know! Share in the comments below.

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