You'd be an April Fool Not to Shop Our Editor's Wish List This Month

Another month, another burning desire to empty my wallet. Is it my fault that fashion is having a really good season? Is anyone else struggling to keep their wish list capped at an achievable limit? Right now, I have an email saved in drafts that is competing in length with War and Peace. Obviously I can’t buy everything on that list, but my aim is to whittle it down to the pieces that will really transform my wardrobe and make it feel brand new.

Keep scrolling to shop the pieces I’m buying this month to give my wardrobe a pick-me-up.

Rather than worry about getting my lob in check on weekends, I'll be putting this on and beating you all to the morning coffee line up.

The Chloé Faye bag is the dream, this is the affordable reality. It satisfies my inner '70s spirit.  

I love anything that looks like it originated in the '90s. This white choker is an update on the ubiquitous black, and one I cannot wait to wear under a sheer black shirt.

I look at this colour, and all I see is autumn, meaning it's perfect for the season ahead. I'm going to wear this under a black blazer and these pants

I came across an image on Pinterest of a girl with a layered choker worn hidden under a button-up shirt, so you could only see a hint of gold. I'll be able to re-create the look with this necklace.

I haven't stopped wearing my denim A-line mini button down skirt, so this longer length will be perfect for the cooler weather.

I thought my love affair with lace up heels would end when summer did. Turns out I was wrong. This new version with a closed toe and block heel will be my new 'everyday' shoes.

Australian Fashion Week is on next month. Rather than lug around a giant handbag, I'm going hands-free this year with a micro mini.

Ellery just makes the best flares. I try to add a pair to my collection each year. The pair I bought last year are still on high rotation, but these are a little more slouchy and relaxed. Perfect.

What will you be buying this season? Let me know in the comments below!

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