These 5 Outfits Are Getting Me Through Early Winter in NYC

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Welcome to Weekday Wardrobe, a series in which one Who What Wear editor or staffer will snap a pic of the outfits they wear from Monday to Friday. We'll break down where you can shop it all to inspire your own everyday style, no matter what's on your weekly agenda.

I was recently told I have "classic style," which, honestly, was news to me. I guess I've just gotten a little out of practice with prints and colors over the past few years. I'll admit that after doing several clean-outs during lockdown, there's a tiny chance I may have overcorrected and ended up with a wardrobe that's a bit too curated (if that's even a thing). But it can be a little tricky to dabble in fun trends when I've become so damn picky with what I'll actually invest in.

As someone who doesn't let herself buy every trend in sight (though I want to), I'm truly not sure why I never jumped on the fashion-rental bandwagon with everyone else in New York. But yes, I'm aware that I'm very late to the game. That being said, I've finally arrived thanks to Ralph Lauren's new subscription service, The Lauren Look. This past week, I've had the fun of doing a trial run, and it was super easy. I went online and picked 10 items to add to my digital "closet," and I was sent four pieces at a time to return at my leisure. It's been the perfect excuse to try out some fresh winter looks. It's a great deal at $125 a month with unlimited deliveries (and no dry cleaning bills), but we're making it even better by offering a complimentary month through the link above. Here's everything I wore this past week plus the curation of cute Lauren Ralph Lauren items I have lined up to borrow next.


I really don't buy a lot of prints (or a lot of skirts, now that I think about it). That famous leopard-print skirt trend from a few summers ago? I let it totally pass me by. But it's that time of year in New York when we have a fleeting moment to experience the joy of wearing boots without sweating and the thrill of showing some leg without freezing, so here I am. The deep brown and cream of this zebra print inspired this neutral look, which I ordinarily would pair with my usual jeans. (But that felt way less fun.)



Add it to your closet: Lauren Ralph Lauren Linen A-Line Skirt


My love of trousers knows no bounds, and I tend to impulse-purchase too many relaxed black styles with the reasoning that I'll wear them to death. I'm loving the opportunity to give these guys a test run before buying them, especially since I was specifically looking for something in an easy-to-wear fabric, and I wasn't 100% sure how the belt would be. (You know how sometimes those buckles just don't stay as cinched as you want them to?) Great news: The belt sits perfectly, and it turns out the fall-ready Ponte material manages to be both elevated and slightly stretchy IRL.



Add it to your closet: Lauren Ralph Lauren Belted Ponte Pant


It's not that I don't like pink. I really do. I just struggle to wear this bubblegum shade without feeling a little... I don't even know what. But I've had this theory that my berry vegan-leather pants would pair really well with a happy, poppy pink, so here we are, and I'm not mad at it. In terms of a long-term purchase, I think I'd opt for a white button-down with a really fine pink pinstripe, but this is fun to wear for a stint.



Add it to your closet: Lauren Ralph Lauren Easy Care Striped Cotton Shirt


I'm really into matchy looks that play with different textures, so I prioritized wearing this silky navy skirt with this cozy half-zip knit to rooftop jazz and dinner on the Lower East Side last week. I feel like this kind of monochrome outfit always gets compliments. It's a little dramatic without being too much, but it's so easy and comfortable to wear. I 10/10 recommend this Ralph Lauren skirt, particularly with knee-high boots for a seamless look.



Add it to your closet: Lauren Ralph Lauren Satin Skirt


They're back! My new favorite pants. I actually tend to repeat outfits quite a lot, and these are so comfy that jeans kind of felt like a punishment in comparison. Tucking in a knit cardigan really had me feeling like a put-together adult, and it was a nice way to show off the belt detail. It's definitely my new go-to look when I want to feel polished without looking like I'm trying too hard.


Shop My Wardrobe From The Lauren Look


Add it to your closet: Lauren Ralph Lauren Lambskin Blazer

Truly every fashion editor I know owns a leather blazer (and wears it to death).


Add it to your closet: Lauren Ralph Lauren Cable-Knit Mockneck Sweater

My gut pulls me toward the creamy version of this sweater, but The Lauren Look gives me a chance to see if this bolder hue has a life beyond the holiday season.


Add it to your closet: Lauren Ralph Lauren Belting-Print Long-Sleeve Top

This adds just a little interest to my standard denim-and-blazer combo.


Add it to your closet: Lauren Ralph Lauren Fringe-Trim Suede Jacket

I'm into the fringe trend, but I always get a little nervous it will look like a costume on me. This is exactly the kind of jacket I want to experiment with wearing before buying.


Add it to your closet: Lauren Ralph Lauren Cropped Wide-Leg Leather Pants

I definitely can't justify buying another pair of leather pants, but I suspect these are going to be my new favorite fit. (At least if I end up buying them after borrowing them, The Lauren Look offers a nice little discount.)


Add it to your closet: Lauren Ralph Lauren Wool Twill Coat

Do I need another camel coat? No. Will I borrow this one and wear it nonstop over the holidays? Absolutely.


Add it to your closet: Lauren Ralph Lauren Jersey Turtleneck

Very into cream (instead of black) turtlenecks to layer under everything from button-downs to blazers to chunky knits.


Add it to your closet: Lauren Ralph Lauren Wool Crepe Blazer

A blazer that will make you glad The Lauren Look lets you borrow pieces for as long as you'd like.

If borrowing endless outfits (and getting exclusive discounts) sounds like you, check out The Lauren Look.

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