9 Cult Fashion Items You'll Always Catch Our Editors Wearing

If you're reading this, you've probably read a good number of Who What Wear articles before (if not, welcome!), so you know we often get carried away in the best way possible with showing you our finds. Scouring new arrivals and finding brands to love is sort of our favorite thing and our job. But while we love finding new pieces and brands to love, our expertise and experience in the industry have led us to compile a list of tried-and-true fashion items we obsess over as a team. We try out a lot of things, and when we find something that sticks, we often share it in our group Slack channels, and over time, we've garnered a variety of specific items and brands that will always give us excitement. For example, when Zara drops a new slew of blazers, editors Lauren Eggertsen and Nicole Akhtarzad Eshaghpour let the team know immediately. (We all probably own at least two.) Not to mention, many of us have a Converse obsession, Levi's obsession… The list goes on.

If you've trusted our opinion on clothing before, you can trust us on this one just as much. All of the Who What Wear editors have completely different styles and preferences when it comes to what we wear, but the list of items below is something we all wholeheartedly agree on. You can see the pictures straight from our Instagrams for proof. If that doesn't prove that these picks are certainly worth the hype, we don't know what will.

Zara Blazers

Blazers are a wardrobe staple, and while we've tried many, we just keep coming back to Zara. The brand offers both statement and neutral blazers, and they just fit great. It's that "relaxed but not too relaxed" fit you dream about. We've kept some of ours for years and still find ourselves looking at its blazer section often.


(Image credit: @laurenegg)


(Image credit: @thatgirlyusra)

New Balance Sneakers

Remember when New Balances were simply known as dad sneakers? Through its collaborations with Staud and Aimé Leon Dore, the sneaker brand has quickly won the hearts of the fashion world, our editors included. They're simple, comfortable, and go with many of our outfits. 


(Image credit: @allypayer)


(Image credit: @kristenmarienichols)

Levi's Jeans

It's safe to say we haven't met a pair of Levi's jeans we don't like. Whether it's a vintage style or new, almost all of our editors have a pair in their closets. Can you blame us? They fit great and make any silhouette you desire. Plus, their quality transcends time, as we've probably had some of our pairs for many years.


(Image credit: @thatgirlyusra)


(Image credit: @kristenmarienichols)

Staud Handbags

We love investing in basics, but if there's a statement piece we have our eyes on, it's most likely a Staud handbag. At least three of our editors own a version of the brand's beaded Tommy Bag as well as its other coveted styles. 


(Image credit: @fashionwithjazz)


(Image credit: @thatgirlyusra)

Musier Skirts

You know it's real when two of our editors show up to New York Fashion Week wearing the same skirt, as seen below. They're timeless with the tiniest touch of trendy, which is a great combo to us.


(Image credit: @anna__laplaca)


(Image credit: @elizagracehuber)

With Jéan Dresses

Ah, With Jéan—the brand that doesn't stop giving us the fun pieces we know and love. The brand's dresses, in particular, are a top favorite. No matter the collection release, at least one of our editors is sure to have one of the dresses in their cart.


(Image credit: @trustmebuythis)


(Image credit: @indyabrown)

Nanushka Leather Separates

We've tried out a lot of vegan leather, but we think we can confirm that Nanushka's is the best. It's buttery soft and comfortable to wear, which is hard to find when it comes to leather. If there's an investment you want to make for the colder weather, it's a Nanushka piece.


(Image credit: @laurenegg)


(Image credit: @thatgirlyusra)

Who What Wear Collection Dresses

We love everything from our brand, but if we had to pick favorites, the Who What Wear Collection's dresses are some of the best in the game. They strike the perfect balance between trendy and timeless, and we often find ourselves wearing them a little too often. (Don't just take it from us—our dresses are our top sellers, too.)


(Image credit: @anna__laplaca)


(Image credit: @indyabrown)

Converse Sneakers

Who What Wear editors and Converse—a love story that never ends. We own multiple pairs, and while we love our classics, we love to play around with a fun pair every now and then. They're not only comfortable, but they will also never go out of style.


(Image credit: @anna__laplaca)


(Image credit: @laurenegg)