I'm Shook—This Serum Has All the Benefits of Retinol With Minimal Irritation

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Of all the areas of my life, there's only one category that could be considered minimalistic, and that's skincare. Don't be alarmed—I'm just less of a 10-step-nightly-routine girl and more of a two-in-one-product kind of girl. Despite my minimalistic approach, my ultimate goal is youthful and radiant skin, so I have no problem trying new and improved formulas, especially if they're trending on the internet or scientifically proven to work—like retinol.

Retinol has long been viewed as the "holy grail" of skincare ingredients. It can help improve hyperpigmentation, reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles, and balance uneven skin texture. But not all retinol formulas are created equal, and if used incorrectly, retinol can cause irritation such as dryness, peeling, or burning (especially on sensitive skin). But I have good news: I found a serum that provides all the benefits of retinol with way less irritation. Meet the new Biossance Squalane + Retinol Night Serum ($72). I'm ready to give you the download on why this serum is bound to earn a spot in your routine.


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This sleek bottle (which is 100% recyclable, by the way) contains a first-of-its-kind formula with an encapsulated duo of time-release retinol and retinal, which are clinically proven to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve uneven skin tone and visible sun damage, increase skin firmness, and boost collagen. Not to mention the formula blends seamlessly into all skin types, and just a pea-sized amount will leave your skin feeling radiant and refreshed. 


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This serum has three key elements: encapsulated retinol and retinal, sugarcane-derived squalane, and a saffron-rosemary combo. Squalane mimics the skin's moisture barrier (which basically means that it delivers retinoid actives deep into the skin while providing intense hydration), and the encapsulated time-release formula slowly delivers retinol and retinal to the skin over eight hours for maximum effectiveness and minimal irritation. Meanwhile, sustainably sourced saffron and rosemary provide powerful antioxidants that support overall skin health and stabilize the retinoids in order to maintain their effectiveness.

Seasoned retinol users will want to apply one pump of this serum to dry, cleansed skin every other night and gradually increase their usage over time. But if you're new to retinol, Biossance recommends starting slowly by only applying the serum twice a week. Warning: Consistent use may result in a youthful glow, reduced skin texture, faded dark spots, and an ultra-moisturizing finish.


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Sure, I write about beauty daily, but I still get impressed when a brand goes above and beyond to create a perfect product. I love that scientists created 15 different versions of this serum before finalizing the winning formula, which was extensively tested and determined to cause as little irritation as possible. The last thing I ever want is irritated skin, and this serum removes irritation from the equation and makes my routine as easy and effective as it can be. I can confidently say that I've just cracked the code on another must-have product. If you're looking to upgrade your nightly regimen, keep scrolling to shop it and other Biossance favorites below.

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