I've Been Saving Up for an Investment Piece—Now I Have My Eye on These Watches

For much of my young adult life, I had the most beautiful white-gold watch that sat amid a band of delicate chainlink strands. I wore it every single day until I lost it while driving through the south of France with a lover. I can't even tell you which town I lost it in, just that after a tearful goodbye in the Cannes airport, I realized it was gone and I never saw it again. Fast forward five years, and I still haven't worn another watch. After all this time of squirreling away some money, knowing a day would come when I'd find another watch worth wearing on a daily basis, I've decided it's time to love again. I want something special, though: A watch that feels unique yet timeless—a luxury piece that fits into my everyday.

I knew immediately that meant sourcing one secondhand, so I turned to eBay's collection of authenticated luxury watches. I've got my eye on some that toe the line between timepiece and fine bracelet; a few classic white-gold chainlink bands that feel a little masculine and polished; gold bands ranging from mesh chainmail to a Cartier option with links featuring the iconic screw motif from its Love collection; and, of course, a handful of sturdy leather bands that all offer a special unique quality. I know I can't have them all, so take a look at these 16 dream-worthy watches I'm considering before I've snatched one up.

The Timeless Gold Piece

The Polished Chainlink Band

The Bracelet-Watch

The Sturdy Leather Timepiece