5 Fall Outfits to Remember When You're Feeling Desperate

We all have those mornings when we can barely muster up the energy to get up and shower, let alone figure out a semi-presentable outfit to get us through the day. To be real with you, this is basically a weekly struggle for me. While I personally tend to stick to a specific uniform (a black shirt, jeans, a jacket, and sneakers), I also find it helpful to have a few go-to outfit formulas engrained in my head to resort to when I’m desperate and short on time.

Going off the assumption that a few no-fail ensembles could be of help to you on your busy days, I’m sharing my favorite simple looks that are high-concept and forward but only take a few seconds to put together. Whether you’re looking for a polished vibe to wear to the office or something a bit more casual for a day of running around between meetings, there’s something for everybody with the five outfits coming your way.

Blazer + Unique Dress + Booties

This ensemble may seem high-concept with the layered look, but it actually requires just three pieces. The stylish pink blazer gives the dress-and-booties combo the ideal finishing touch.

Patterned Knit + Full Skirt + Boots

Throwing on a turtleneck and skirt—seems easy enough, right? The trick here is to go for your most eye-catching knit and a full skirt for a forward vibe.

White Tee + Jacket + Jeans + Printed Ankle Boots

Introducing the look you'll want to live in on casual Friday or your creative office setting. Sure, it may seem like a no-brainer, but incorporating a tailored blazer into your jeans-and-tee combo adds just the right amount of polish.

Suit + Graphic Tee + Ankle Boots

When in doubt, go for a suit. The entire outfit is basically taken care of. You just need to add a top (a graphic tee works) and sleek shoes.

Sweater + Leather Pants + Heels

If you just want to say screw it and go for a two-piece outfit, opt for your most trend-forward sweater and add a statement pair of pants like the leather iteration here. Done and done.

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