5 Fall Outfits to Remember When You're Feeling Desperate

We all have those mornings when we can barely muster up the energy to get up and shower, let alone figure out a semi-presentable outfit to get us through the day. To be real with you, this is basically a weekly struggle for me. While I personally tend to stick to a specific uniform (a black shirt, jeans, a jacket, and sneakers), I also find it helpful to have a few go-to outfit formulas engrained in my head to resort to when I’m desperate and short on time.

Going off the assumption that a few no-fail ensembles could be of help to you on your busy days, I’m sharing my favorite simple looks that are high-concept and forward but only take a few seconds to put together. Whether you’re looking for a polished vibe to wear to the office or something a bit more casual for a day of running around between meetings, there’s something for everybody with the five outfits coming your way.