15 Lazy-Girl Outfits That Look Anything But

Sometimes, putting together an outfit is the last thing I want to do. Blame it on the WFH life that I’ve so easily adapted to or the fact that there are times when nothing in my closet seems to feel right. Whatever the reason may be, the idea of building an ensemble just feels like, well, work. If you’re reading this, chances are you have moments when you feel the same way. When those come along, having a list of simple, easy outfits can make all the difference.

Even in your laziest moments, it does wonders for the psyche when you feel put-together. So I’ve gone ahead and highlighted the coolest (and, in some cases, comfiest) ensembles for you. That way, you can keep them in your back pocket for whenever you want something simple to wear that still feels intentional. Are you with me?

Read on to check out these looks and then shop the key pieces to save for the next time you need something to pull together without a second thought.

1. Denim Jacket + Square Toe Boots

Easy denim outfit



Style Tip: Give your T-shirt-and-jeans ensemble an added cool factor with a denim jacket and square-toe boots.

2. Cute Top + Relaxed Blue Jeans

Style Tip: A cute top paired with relaxed blue jeans is always a good idea.

3. Statement Tank + Wide-Leg Trousers

Style Tip: A statement tank teamed with wide-leg trousers just works.

4. Ribbed Tank Top + Floral Skirt

Style Tip: Could there be a more spring-ready ensemble than a ribbed tank top and a floral-print skirt?

5. Lightweight Sweater + Bralette + Jeans

Easy outfit ideas: sweater and jeans



Style Tip: For those who are still experiencing the cooler temperatures, throw on a lightweight sweater over your bralettes and jeans.

6. Cable-Knit Sweater + Sweatpants

Style Tip: Sweatpants feel exponentially more polished when styled with a cable-knit cardigan.

7. Knit Trousers

Knit pants and puff sleeve top



Style Tip: Want a look that is as chic as it is comfy? Opt for knit trousers.

8. Tank Top + Button-Down Shirt + Track Shorts

Style Tip: For the warmer days, easy track shorts with a button-down shirt layered over a tank top will feel anything but lazy.

9. Tucked-In Tee + Shorts

Easy outfit ideas: track shorts



Style Tip: When you’re out running errands, tuck your tee into your shorts for a more put-together look.

10. Monochrome

Easy monochromatic outfit



Style Tip: When in doubt, a monochromatic ensemble will always feel elevated, no matter what you’re wearing.

11. Collared Button-Down + Black Miniskirt

Style Tip: You can never go wrong with a collared button-down shirt with a black miniskirt.

12. Oversize Blazer + Bermuda Shorts

Style Tip: An oversize blazer with long Bermuda shorts feels undoubtedly chic.

13. Padded Muscle Tee + Trousers + Heels

Padded muscle shirt and trousers



Style Tip: Padded muscle tees feel just a touch more elevated than your average muscle tank. When you pair one with trousers and heels, you’ll be ready for a night of mingling.

14. Easy Tank + Jacket + Relaxed Jeans

Easy outfit ideas: tank top and jeans



Style Tip: Relaxed jeans are always a classic in our book, especially when they’re worn with an easy tank and jacket.

15. Graphic Tee + Blazer

Easy outfit ideas: graphic t-shirt and blazer



Style Tip: For those of you who love a good graphic tee, dress it up with a simple blazer.

This article was originally published at an earlier date and has been updated. 

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