When We Have No Time to Outfit Plan, Here's What Our Team Will Wear

We've all been there, rushing out the door because we have an event to attend in five-minutes but no time to properly prep an outfit. In this situation, its best to reach for a fool-proof outfit that looks elevated, and you feel comfortable in.

Everyone has their own last-minute outfit that they reach for when they're time poor, but if you still find yourself running late because you spent a little too much time trying to put an outfit together instead of ordering an Uber, we've got you.

Below, our team share their last-minute outfits so you can fill your wardrobe with pieces you can slip on in seconds before you head out the door. Keep reading to shop our favourite last-minute items. 

Lauren Payne, Writer and Producer 

"When I have to run out the door, my go-to outfit involves a silky slip dress and depending on the dress code, a pair of low heels (because I'll never be able to walk in a stiletto heel) or some trusty white sneakers. A slip dress is perfect for me because it feels elegant, I don't have to think about styling, and any piece of jewellery I decide to put on will work with it.

I love neutrals, so I try and stick to navy, white and trusty black when I'm shopping for clothes, that way, if I only have two minutes to get dressed, I know everything will work together. "

Stephanie Squadrito, Platform Producer 

"A recent item I’ve bought that’s now become my go-to event piece, is a black linen midi dress. It’s so comfortable and easy to wear, but it looks quite chic and pulled together at the same time. I’ll pair it with low block heels, because there’s nothing worse than the stress of running late AND having to walk in uncomfortable footwear.

To tie it all together, I’ve found a hair scarf works wonders, especially if I haven’t had time to do my hair properly. Just throw your hair into a low ponytail, tie a scarf around it, and it adds a bit of personality to your look."

Emily Algar, Writer and Producer 

"I go to so many work events, so I definitely need a few outfit options that require zero thought up my sleeve. I have a great pair of high-waisted, wide leg black trousers that look polished with a white button up and some gold earrings. They are comfy and flattering too, so great if it’s a dinner event (I can never say no to dessert).

I always wear men’s button up shirts because they crease less and hardly need to be ironed. Similarly, I love a T-shirt (I swear by Uniqlo), a fun midi skirt (Hansen and Gretel and Bec and Bridge do fun ones), and a pair of mules—easy to swap jeans for the skirt if it’s an office-to-event type situation too. If the event is formal, a black dress, always! With a red lip, heels, some simple earrings and a blazer if it's cold. "

Amanda Bardas, Executive Editor 

"I normally plan my outfits the night before, but if I’ve had a shocker of a day and nothing left in me to outfit plan before my head hits the pillow, I reach for a long sleeve black Georgia Alice dress.

"It’s cut on the bias, and just skims above my ankles. It’s super flattering (if I may say so myself!) and works for literally any type of work event. I’ve worn it on occasions when the dress code has said ‘black tie’ with a pair of gold satin Aquazzura stilettos and a tight, slicked bun, and then I’ve worn it to more casual breakfasts with a pair of Balenciaga sandals. There’s nothing this dress can’t do!

"For those curious, here’s the dress in question (it’s no longer available in black, but it’s on sale in silver). It doesn’t look like much on a screen, but in person, it’s the way the heavy fabric moves and falls that makes it the perfect dress to always feel pulled together."

Phoebe Youl, Writer and Producer 

"This doesn’t stray too far from how I dress on a day-to-day basis, but my go-to formula is normally to pair a white button-down shirt with either denim jeans, a black silk midi skirt, or wide leg black pants—dependent on the occasion and my mood. Then I’ll pull everything together by adding a pair of heels, earrings and a tailored jacket. If it’s warmer, or I plan to wear a jacket all day, I’ll substitute the button-down shirt for a fitted cami or plain white tee. I know this formula so well now, that on days when I have no time (or more realistically, slept in), I can leave the house knowing I look presentable and feel like myself without having to question anything."

Holley Gawne, Writer and Producer 

"When I’m pressed for time, I always reach for a piece that will polish up my usual look. My go-to item to get me looking event appropriate on the go is a classic black blazer. I often wear colour as my inner layers, so a black blazer adds a hint of sophistication. On top of that I’d wear it with a pair of high-waisted pants, and some heeled boots."

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