Wear This 3-Piece Outfit Formula When You're Short on Time

You may have a closet full of clothes, but chances are that you (like us!) have days when you’re standing in front of that wardrobe with “nothing to wear.” Rather than heading into a fashion tailspin and making yourself late, it’s best to identify a few simple outfit formulas that’ll make your life easier on those stressful mornings. One of our favorite looks that also happens to be a go-to of blogger Chriselle Lim? A white blouse, edgy denim, and sleek heels (like booties)—and if it’s cooler where you are, a jacket of some sort on top. “Outfit bliss,” Chriselle mentioned. We couldn’t agree more. When you think about it, even though the vibe is incredibly simple, it’s always stylish, and can work for a variety of occasions. Heading to brunch? Go for a pair of distressed skinnies, a unique blouse, and your favorite booties. Interested in testing out this look for casual Friday? Try a sleek pair of cropped flares with a white top tucked into them, along with your sleek boots.

Go on to check out how Chriselle and other fashion A-listers wear this foolproof uniform. Plus, shop some of our favorite jeans, top, and booties, too.