Calling It: These Will Be the Top Earring Trends of 2018

Earrings are the easiest way to make a statement with jewelry. Worn as understated details or a bold finish to your look, earrings take your ensemble to the next level while adding a personal touch that showcases your style. We love how different earrings have the power to transform the feel of a look (and how effortless it is to switch things up without collecting more fashion pieces that take up precious closet space). For these reasons, if you're looking to expand your jewelry collection, earrings are the perfect place to start. We reached out to Nicole Wegman of Ring Concierge, a private jeweler by appointment in New York City, to spill the top earring trends of 2018. Below she shares the earring styles that keep selling out, plus some of the pieces we're loving for each covetable category.


"Gold hoops are by far 2018's biggest earring trend—and the bigger the better (think J.Lo)!" declares Wegman. "The key to rocking this trend right is to wear either extremely thick or whisper-thin widths in large diameters." She notes how the Kardashians have been rocking this look for over a year now, and it's still trending strong. "Heavy hoops are uncomfortable to wear, so we make all of ours hollow to keep them very lightweight," explains Wegman. "For the ultimate cool-girl look, try pairing two sizes in one ear." For example, 48mm in your main hole and 25mm in the second hole. "We're also loving hoops with a little added flare, like diamond or pearl accents."

Dangling Charms

"Huggies have been a big trend for a few years now, so for a fresh new look we're loving the added flare of a charm," says Wegman. "Dangling diamonds add tons of sparkle and movement, or if you're a bit edgier, try a dangling gold dagger."

"Wearing three or even four earrings in one ear is a huge trend," Wegman points out. "However, most of us are too afraid—myself included—to get a cartilage piercing." For that reason, ear cuffs are the perfect solution. "They require no piercings and can be placed anywhere on the ear for tons of versatility."


"Personalized jewelry is one of the biggest trends this year, and that applies to earrings as well," notes Wegman. "Mix and match different letters to represent you and your loved ones' initials, or customize studs with your birthstone or even zodiac sign."


"People are slowing getting out of their comfort zone of wearing white diamonds and introducing colored stones to their jewelry for a fun fresh look," observes Wegman. "We love wearing deeper hues—emeralds, rubies, and sapphires—in the winter and brighter pops of color—pink sapphires, turquoise, and even rainbow—in spring and summer."

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